Influencing The Words Of Marketers [Research]

Influencing The Words Of Marketers [Research] image InNetworkInfluencing The Words Of Marketers [Research]

I don’t know if it’s because I work in the industry or not, but it seems like everyone is talking about influencer marketing or influencer outreach these days. It’s pretty much trending, just like this guy waking up from surgery and seeing his wife for the first time… again.

Ok, it’s not trending that much, but still! There’s definitely an increase in conversation.

India White (@IndiaAM), our Influencer Relationship Monitor was checking out some snapshots of conversations, and found some interesting data on how influence marketing conversations have played out throughout the summer. Here are some of the screenshots:

We started tracking the conversation back in May 2013. As you can see, in May, there wasn’t a lot of discussion going on about Influencer Outreach.

Influencing The Words Of Marketers [Research] image Radian6 chart MayInfluencing The Words Of Marketers [Research]

A lot of the conversation was happening around Influence Marketing (a broader subject), and Blogger Outreach was gaining some momentum as well with a 96.67% increase over the previous period.

But in June, you can see the conversation starting to change.

Influencing The Words Of Marketers [Research] image JuneInfluencing The Words Of Marketers [Research]

There started being less conversations about Influence Marketing and Blogger Outreach, but Influencer Outreach conversations started growing fast, at 80% higher than the previous month.

And the trend kept going for the rest of the summer: Influencer Outreach surpassing the term Blogger Outreach, with a 192.62% growth in term usage vs. Blogger Outreach at 6.51% growth.

Influencing The Words Of Marketers [Research] image End may to end augustInfluencing The Words Of Marketers [Research]

A lot of this conversation has been pushed by the Influence Marketing book, by Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella, along with the increasing popularity of influence marketing tools like InNetwork, Traackr, Appinions, and SocialChorus.

To get a full list of who’s been influencing the words of marketers lately, check out this list of the top 50 global Influence Marketing Blogs, from InkyBee.

There are a few conclusions we can see from this data:

  • Influencers are on people’s radar – as there are more and more conversations happening about influence marketing, influencer outreach will become more popular.
  • The industry is maturing – More and more influence platforms are coming out each month, which shows that the industry is maturing, and there’s a need for identifying influencers correctly.
  • The language is getting more sophisticated – the conversation used to be around bloggers and blogger outreach, and now it’s starting to shift more around influencers and influencer outreach. Also, there are more in-depth analysis of influence marketing being written by industry professionals, like this one, and this one, and this one…
  • Influence is buzzing – as the industry is maturing and increasing popularity, more people want to use these keywords to get more attention to their blogs.

So it seems like I wasn’t going completely crazy this summer in thinking that Marketing and PR professionals were talking more an more about influencers! Time for a Carlton Happy Dance! :)

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