Inflatable car cover and app reduce chance of hail damage

    By Tom | Small Business

    Safety features on cars are largely focused on reducing the danger of those inside and out getting hurt – and rightly so – but damage to vehicles can also result in large bills for drivers. With this in mind, the Hail Protector is an air-filled cover that can protect cars from the destructive force of falling ice lumps, with a tie-in app to alert drivers of weather changes.

    The cover is made of a durable, resilient material that – combined with a cushion of air underneath it – is capable of reflecting even large pieces of hail away from cars. For drivers who don’t have roofed storage for their vehicle, the device can be strapped to the wheels like a standard car cover. Using the Hail Protector app, owners can be notified around 30-60 minutes before the US’s National Weather Service predicts hail to occur. When activated via a remote control, four inflators located on the side fill up the cover in time to protect the car in the case that heavy hail does fall. The Hail Protector retails for between USD 299 and USD 399, depending on car size. The video below gives more information on how the product works:

    The company cites figures from the Highway Loss Data Institute, which show that around 250,000 cars in the US are damaged by hail every year. As a result, the Hail Protector could save consumers money, as well as numerous trips to the mechanic.


    Spotted by: Tracy Chong

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