In India, platform offers personalized hospital treatment packages based on medical records

San Francisco’s BetterDoctor platform has already been helping patients find the best health professionals to see them at late notice. Now India-based is offering a service that matches those in need of surgery with customized care packages based on their medical records.

Aimed at those who have been advised to undergo medical procedures by their doctors or GPs, but want to ensure they get the cheapest deal or the best surgeons, Medeel first invites patients to detail their treatment needs and upload their medical records using its secure submission process. Medeel then shares this information with local hospitals that offer the required surgery. After around two or three days, customers receive customized healthcare plans from those hospitals, enabling them to choose the one which is the most suitable for their situation. Users can accept a deal through the Medeel site and are offered contact details to arrange the surgery once the process is completed.

While Medeel could help Indians cut the cost of necessary surgery, it can also be used to find doctors who cater to their specific needs, ensuring they get the treatment that is right for them. Could this work in other parts of the world?


Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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