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    By Vivek Kumar Poddar | Small Business

    My four personal tips to help you increase organic traffic to your website easily. Organic traffic is usually refereed to the free website traffic originating directly from search engines.

    They are regarded as best for online businesses and for bloggers since they are highly converting, are very helpful in improving your authority and website presence.They not only help to increase your earning but also helps to build better community and readership.

    Well there are many different creative ways to increase website visitors, but if you want continuous flow of traffic then I will suggest you to try my personal tips. I have personally tested them and trust me, they help to improve your website’s trust, authority and presence.

    4 Tips To Increase Organic Traffic

    If you want to build a successful online business, want to create an authority website or if you want to increase online presence, then you will need sustainable visitors.

    Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website image increase website trafficIncrease Organic Traffic To Your Website

    And the best way to get consistent visitors & readers is organic search results. So below we will discuss 4 simple and easy to follow steps which will help you directly improve your organic search traffic and will help you increase page views, visitors, impressions and sales.

    Use Long Tail Keywords To Increase Organic Traffic

    If you are planning to write SEO article which could rank good on SERP then you will need to use and implement LSI & long tail keywords in your post. Actually Long tail keywords are combination of words or you can say they are phrases with minimum competition.

    Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website image Long Tail KeywordsIncrease Organic Traffic To Your Website

    They are also regarded as low hanging fruits and they are easy to rank since less number of website try to rank for them. In order to find long tail keywords you can use Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool or you can even consider using premium research tool like Longtialpro, Market samurai and others. But if you want to go with free, then their is nothing better than keyword tool by Google.

    It will help you find related key phrases, their global and local search volume and will also tell you the competition level (based on Adwords ads and not on searches).

    • Use the targeted phrase as the headline.
    • Use it within first and last paragraph of your article.
    • Use the related search terms to create subheadings.
    • Use the keyword for creating inbound and outbound link.
    • Also use your phrase as the alternate text for your image.

    For more information regarding basic and advanced keyword research you can check out few related articles.

    Focus On Social Media

    Google now focus more on social media, social presence, social shares and user experience than onpage and off page SEO. So make sure to be social and to make your website social. The best way is to add social buttons to your individual posts and pages. If you are using wordpress then their are hundreds of free plugin to help you.

    My personal favorite are digg digg floating bar and flare social buttons. They both are very attractive and easy to setup. Additionally they also allow you to link your social profiles and then automatically post updates for you. A similar service is provided by jet pack socialize addon. It automatically shares you new post to tumble, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

    Build Natural Backlinks

    Quality backlinks are always important when you try to increase organic traffic to your website. They act as extra boost and helps to increase domain authority and your page authority. Now as we know that domain authority is really important factor when you try to rank for some competitive keywords, so natural backlinks are.

    Tips to build natural backlinks to your website.

    • Creating link bait such as quality content.
    • Using or creating inforgraphics.
    • Press release so as to create backlinks from news and educational websites.
    • Creating roundup of websites, tips, tutorials.
    • Posting latest news and information.

    And their are so many different ways.

    Consistent Blog Post Updates

    Google and other search engines likes those website or blogs who frequently add latest articles and update their older posts. When we frequently update our blog, it shows search engines that we are really trying out level best to help our readers and visitors.

    It also proves that we are trying our level best to become authority in our niche or concerned topic and so Google favors and rank those blogs. It also helps to keep the quality readers and helps to increase the subscribers. Since they now get consistent updates with more information, more tips and tricks they love to stick to your website.

    So these were four easy to follow tips which can surely help you increase organic traffic to your website. If you have any suggestions or comments then please share it in comment area.

    Image credit goes to link assistant.

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