What Is Inbound Marketing? Good Question That We’ll Answer Now

    By Amy Doffont | Small Business

    What Is Inbound Marketing? Good Question That We’ll Answer Now. image inbound marketingWhat is inbound marketing

    What is inbound marketing’s role in your business?

    In a world that is so big, how do we master the realm of marketing? There isn’t just one way to do it; there are tons of ways to market. In marketing, there are tricks, topics, methods, strategies and techniques that are involved to market your company successfully. A lot of people will say that marketing is either confusing or “marketers are just people who like to toot their own horn” but those are people who are never formally introduced to marketing. Marketing isn’t just about your business or how you can help your clients or what you can do for them; it’s how it all comes together. Marketing is a process that not a lot of people understand and there are several different types of marketing as well. Inbound marketing, being one of these different types of marketing. What is Inbound marketing? Well, think about inbound marketing like this, can you ride a bike without wheels?

    In today’s competitive marketing place inbound marketing is one of the ways to go. Inbound marketing offers your clients and customers something of value.

    What Is Inbound Marketing? Good Question That We’ll Answer Now. image inboundinbound marketing

    The gist of what inbound marketing is

    Do you like a chase or do you like things easy? Let me rephrase that: if you are able to get your businesses information out fast and right to the point, would you do it? Or would you take your time, mess around with different inputs and then get your information out? If you answered fast and right to the point, inbound marketing is where you and your business want to head. Inbound marketing is marketing through blogs, social media, podcasts, videos and websites. When marketing, you should always think about what is going to be the easiest for the customer. So inbound marketing gets the attention to your customers and it grabs their attention fast if done right.

    Statistics have shown that over 83% of businesses have gone inbound in the last year. In a survey conducted by Marketing Sherpa, it explains that 64% of your companies business will increase just by effectively using your website. Print ads success rate, as of 2013, are at an all time low of 17%. This percentage rate was calculated from over 1,100 marketers on how their budgets ranged from inbound and outbound marketing. There’s nothing wrong with outbound marketing, but inbound marketing, as you can see, is bringing more money into your company.

    Consumers, nowadays, want to sell themselves; they don’t want to be sold to. With that being said, they want to be interested in something themselves and be able to decide on what’s best for them. Inbound marketing gives that satisfaction to the consumer by building value through their website, social media and blogging, this way consumers can check it out for themselves. Never try too hard sell to your client because that easily turns them off; let them come to you. That way you know that they are interested in what your company has to offer. Customers don’t like interruptions, which is good for you. This means the more they explore, the more they will understand and love your company.

    Our society is not only so fast with trends and doing things, but we are very, very impatient. Even when searching the web, and that is really fast, we tend to get even more impatient. That’s either because your Internet is lagging or you can’t find what you are looking for. I’m sure this has happened to a lot, if not, all of you. That being said, your consumers will get impatient and close your website if it doesn’t meet their requirements. Make sure the loading time on your website is faster than Usain Bolt. How do you do that? KISSmetrics Loading. Why do we care how fast our website loads? User experience, that’s why. The quicker your website loads, the more clicks and users you will have on your website.

    Not only are you grabbing your customer’s attention, but also with your information being online, your information will be out there for the world to see. Website traffic will lead to interactions with potential clients and customers, when interacting with different people you then begin to have conversations with one another. See where I’m going with this? Conversations will soon lead to quality. If your content is quality ready, you will be in the right spot. The idea behind inbound marketing is that it focuses on creating quality to your content, which then pulls in traffic to your product and this is where you want to be exactly. This is where the fun begins.

    Break it down for me, please

    You’re not going to be blessed with clients as soon as you start, because if that were the case everyone would be in the marketing field. Rather, you need to know how to attract people to your website, blog, or whatever is it that your company does to market your business. You need to attract them to your business, and the first step is making it easy for your clients to get a hold of your company. What you need is the right traffic to your website. And by “right traffic” I mean this traffic needs to be what will soon turn into leads, which then will lead into customers. In order for you to find what the right traffic is, you need to do a little research. If a person(s) have been looking at your site, or interested in your stuff, research what they’ve done in the past, whom they worked with and what they’re interested in. This is the way you will find out who’s the right traffic for you.

    Once you are able to pull some traffic, you are on your way to being a marketing master; now your next step is getting to know these clients more. You can try getting their contact information; get their email address. Email them with special offers, examples of what you do, ask them if they have any questions and just keep in contact with them. This way you are building a relationship with one another and this will only make your company grow from there. Okay so you have traffic and you have potential leads; how are you going to make your leads into customers? There are a few ways to do this, but one of the ways that will work the best is that who keeps in touch with you and your company is the best way to tell which lead you should make your customer. After you find your client, this isn’t it. Maybe different types of marketing do that, but inbound marketing continues to stay in contact with each client.

    Your content is your biggest threat when it comes to having a successful inbound marketing strategy. Your content should be linked, someway or another, to social media. Hubspot explained direct mail and telemarketing are losing traction. This means that the content that is on the web for you and your company needs to have a lot of value for your researchers. Blogging is important, social media access is important and website tenuity is important. Without content, none of those things will happen as successfully as you would like them too. Things that your company does simply, such as blog frequency, are likely to gain long-term customers.

    Why Inbound Marketing?

    Because it’s easy if you have the right team helping you, that’s why! If you are a business owner, I’m sure you want people to find you and you want them to find you fast. There is nothing better than inbound marketing, because when you leverage it; everything you and your business do is on the Internet. Marketing evolves every single day and inbound marketing is the one tactic that is here to stay. With the newspapers dying, all we have is the Internet and online marketing. Before news even reach the newspapers, businesses and social media buffs are already tweeting and posting to, that’s because it is easier to access. The shift is easy, it’s inbound marketing.

    It’s one thing to be able to show your business off through inbound marketing, but it’s another for your traffic and your clients to be able to comment and ask questions right there on the Internet. They can respond to your company by comments and questions, and this is a perfect opportunity to be able to start a conversation and begin networking. The Internet world grabs the attention of so many more customers than outbound marketing does, however, outbound marketing is still relevant, inbound is just an easier way. Your job as a marketer isn’t necessarily to find leads; it’s for leads to find you. If you put yourself out there on the Internet, they can find you. It’s that simple!

    This marketing strategy is great for companies looking to build their flow of traffic. If your business carefully crafts your website, social media and blogs to add value, you will increase the traffic flow that you and your business needs. Building trust and building relationships is what you and your business want from inbound marketing. Having an inbound marketing strategy is your key to success in growing your business.

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