Inbound Intern – A Digital Marketer’s Journey

Inbound Intern   A Digital Marketers Journey image Inbound marketing1Inbound Intern A Digital Marketers Journey

Follow your friend into the future of connection. Marketing is no longer about spending mountains of money, then using your megaphone to shout a monologue about why people should use your product or service. Tech-savvy millennial consumers are finding ways to block out conventional advertising by filtering blast emails, using caller ID to screen telemarketers, throwing away direct mail, buying TiVo to skip commercials, and using Sirius or XM to bypass radio ads. Traditional outbound methods don’t get through because customers are smarter and getting better and better at ignoring interruptions. In 2013, to be fruitful in business, you must match the way you market with the way your prospects learn about, search for, and shop for your products. Introducing “Inbound Marketing.” You must create a digital presence. In 2011, 763 billion dollars were spent online. That’s nine zeros. Additionally, it is projected that by 2016 that figure will jump by 62%. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.

Customers (Marco)—–Your business (Polo)

Marketing is now about being found as opposed to yelling your sales pitch. There are three main places people go to shop or gather info, and businesses need to be there ready to respond:

  1. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  2. The Blogosphere
  3. Social Media

Consumers are in control more than ever and businesses need to ensure that their customers can find them. Search engines, blogs, and social media put people and companies in the business of being found. From huge conglomerates to bootstrapped start-ups, the cloud offers a place to create a strategic brand, spark a movement, and draw business leads from across the globe for little to no money. The Internet has fundamentally changed the way people and businesses connect. Blah, blah, blah we’ve heard that before. Innumerable titles in the blogosphere vie for your attention like, “897 Ways To Get Retweeted” or “How To Be a Widget Ninja Like Me”. However, web tools aren’t only a means to the end of gaining virtual fame, branding your personal image, or posting pictures of the delicious burrito you’re about to devour.

Muscle of the cloud

Global charities are using the two-way communication model of a micro-blog to engage the young altruistic and active generation to bring clean drinking water to Uganda. Local police in Ottowa apprehended a serial bank robber primarily because they pushed his photo through Facebook and engaged witnesses in conversation. The potential power of the cloud for your business is undeniable, and to disagree is to reject the fact that consumers and companies are now a living, breathing body of connectedness. Are you a part of it? If so, what are you broadcasting? What does your brand feel like?

Prior to landing an internship with SiliconCloud, a Digital Marketing firm in Richmond, I was sure that social media was the whole enchilada. Surely, SiliconCloud takes the millennial-trinity of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and drives the vision and values of a client into the promised land of a dynamic and dominant digital web presence. They do. But I’ve come to learn that digital marketing goes so much deeper and wider than that, from expanding the influence of a company through brand strategy to interactive web design, digital resources, search engine optimization, and more. This is the story of my journey. I hope you are entertained and learn along the way, as I will. Follow your friend into the future of connection.

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