How to Improve Your Social Media Presence with Facebook

    By Mimi Wilfong | Small Business

    How to Improve Your Social Media Presence with Facebook image coffeecontent marketing facebook

    This is the third and final installment in a series of posts looking at which social media outlet is best for your brand.

    You don’t need me to tell you that Facebook is one of the most established, frequently used social media sites today. It has more than a billion users and 15 million businesses, so debating whether or not your business should have a presence there is kind of a moot point. Instead, this post will focus on whether or not your business should have multiple Facebook pages.

    Multiple Pages
    Let’s use a national coffee shop. First, you’ll need to consider whether or not your audience will care if you have pages for different locations. This would be most relevant if you advertise specials and a customer in California sees you offering lowering prices in the Texas stores. Customers don’t often think about why prices are higher in different areas (supply/demand, shipping costs, etc.) To avoid angering your audience, take advantage of Facebook’s targeting tool to specify which followers can see what content.

    If you have a consistent message and offerings at all of your locations, having multiple pages may be redundant. Multiple people running the pages could also cause discrepancies in your brand’s voice, tone and messaging.

    Another consideration is if you have multiple businesses in the same area. If you have a separate page for each store, you need to consider what each location is doing differently and how it will segment your audience.

    Corporate Pages
    You can also choose to have a central page that reaches all of your followers. This will be the main outlet for your brand, so you will be sending out a consistent message. Use the pages for individual locations as a way to advertise specials or new products. Because they are only followed by people in the surrounding area, you don’t run the risk of upsetting anyone.

    Keep in mind that just because someone follows the corporate page doesn’t mean they’ll follow the individual location, and vice versa.

    You’ve built the pages, now what?
    Like any social media site, you’ve got to have content for your Facebook pages to be successful. If you have multiple people running pages, you need them to have a clear idea of what type of content needs to be posted and how often it should go up. If you require someone in the corporate office to sign off on all posts, you’ll need to make the deadlines with enough time to get approval and rewrites, if necessary, but not so much time that the content becomes irrelevant. Make sure to keep the content fun and interesting to your followers.

    Putting your business on Facebook, or any social media page, can be overwhelming and intimidating. If you’re stressed about putting your brand on the wrong site, just remember that the purpose of social media is to expand your audience. If you keep your brand consistent and provide users with regularly updated content on topics that interest them, you should be a social media pro in no time.

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