Improve Your Marketing Styles With Infographics

Information graphics or infographics refers to the graphic visual representation of ideas, data or information. It  has been around for many years. You may not know what it is called but you should have seen it somewhere. Infographics are very useful in disseminating information and even used by businesses in promoting their brands and products. Some of the most popular marketing infographics in 2011 are Inbound Marketing Rising, The Anatomy Of A Fan, Top Email Marketing Irritations And The Science Of Social Timing: Timing & Email Marketing. If you want to learn more about infographics and how you can improve your marketing styles, read the information below:

Be Creative In Displaying Your Information

Reading text can bore a lot of people. To attract more people to read your advertisement or press releases, you can use charts or other graphics. Be original. Think about how you will present  the information.  Perhaps you can use a map or a chart. Nowadays, you can make an attractive animated online chart in just a matter of minutes. Moreover, you can import data easily from MS Excel or CSV. The chart that you have created can be embedded in articles or blogs or even shared on your choice of social networks.

Emphasize Cause And Effect

These days, more people are paying attention to products and brands that can change lives. For example, the interest in green living is attracting a lot of people because its effects are not just beneficial to man but also to nature. Advertisements and press releases that use this approach are often shared because it spreads awareness and it allows people to share their views and concerns.

Use The Most Up To Date Statistics

Displaying statistics in infographics show professionalism and relevance. With the advancement of technology, you can get the most recent statistics related to your business online. Search engines like Google can help you find the latest figures about the topic you are interested in. Make sure that you use the latest figures. In addition, websites like StatPlanet, Google’s Public Data Explorer and Chartsbin are good sources of statistics and visuals.

Use Photographs And Icons

When creating infographics, you can also use photographs and icons. Be creative and try different combinations of images, diagrams, charts and icons. Make sure that the layout is not just appealing but also relevant, concise and clear. Remember that the attention span of your viewers is not increasing. Use photographs and icons diligently. Nancy Messieh of recommends stock.xchng and Morgue File. They are stock photography sites that allow users to download free images.

According to The Associated Press, internet users spend only 4.4 seconds more for each additional 100 words and that the average span of a person in 2012 is only 8 seconds. Since the attention span of people is no longer increasing, it is important to get their interest fast. Infographics are a very useful tool in giving out information. Above are tips on how you can use infographics, use it for your marketing edge.

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