How Can you Improve Your Brand in 2013?

Has your brand started making its presence in the year 2012? If yes, you will be required to maintain and improve its image throughout 2013 and further. It is most likely that you must be using various online brand building tactics like SEO, search engine marketing, internet marketing, social media publicity and so on. With this, your brand name must be showing up at places like:

How Can you Improve Your Brand in 2013? image brand credibilityHow Can you Improve Your Brand in 2013?

Brand Credibility

  • Online forums
  • Local business listings
  • Blogs
  • Review websites
  • Social networking websites
  • Video sharing websites and others

At this point, you need to understand that brand improvement is equivalent to reputation management, a popular term used on the internet. Managing a brand reputation has always been an important exercise, but it became an unavoidable requirement with the trend of online brand marketing because:

  • If your competitors are indulged in extensive brand improvement, it may hamper your brand’s existing popularity.
  • There might be negative reviews and entities about your brand and they will continue to exist until you make efforts to handle them.
  • Unlike newspapers and other print media sources, the online media will re-run the negative entities whenever your brand name is searched.

 If these reasons are enough to make you concerned, you further need to understand two important things about brand management and improvement:

  • Constantly generate positive content about your brand
  • Constantly monitor and suppress or fix the negative content

 And the remaining discussion provides information on how you should do it in the upcoming year.

 Monitor without any break

 The first step should be to monitor the whole of the web and find what favors your brand’s reputation and what not. In any case, you need to indulge by following the right approach. Here are some steps to follow:

How Can you Improve Your Brand in 2013? image brand managementHow Can you Improve Your Brand in 2013?

Brand Management

  • Search Google using keywords related to your business, company name and other relevant search terms.
  • Analyze the most used terms in Google Adwords and evaluate the content generated when these terms are used.
  • Search using different search engines as well as browsers to evaluate the comprehensive results.
  • Search by changing the search locations and use all possible locations where your business reaches.
  • Create web alerts for the company name and the names of important people associated with it.
  • Analyze regular web analytics report to evaluate the content which is searched by internet users.
  • Don’t forget to check for negative entities related to the employees, partners and other associates of your business.

 Indulge into Proactive Brand Management

The experts working with Dynastic Tech, a popular online reputation management company, firmly believe that proactive brand management can fortify the brand image and save damages. This type of practice will also help in suppressing the negative information about your brand. Here are some ideas:

  • Generate good quality, unique and informative contents in the form of articles, webcasts, videos and other mediums and distribute them on a regular basis. Make the content rich with relevant keywords.
  • Involve public relation (PR) machinery extensively to provide updates about your business.
  • Create social media profiles at popular websites like Facebook and Twitter and participate interactively with those visiting your social media pages.
  • Create professional profiles at LinkedIn, YouTube and other popular sites.
  • Make sure to evaluate the structure of your website on a regular basis to fix the issues like broken links and deviated navigations.
  • Generate positive reviews about your brand and various business products and services.

 Fixing the Damage

Finally, you need to learn the strategies that should be helpful in fixing the damage caused to your brand name. The most important ones to include:

  • Follow the right approach to deal with negative comments. Don’t lose temper and don’t ever threaten to sue the commenters. Instead, say ‘thanks’ to the concerned person and put your perspective to advocate your brand.
  • Don’t indulge in the practice of intentionally provoking someone while engaged in a discussion.
  • Request the website authorities to remove the negative comments or reviews.
  • Encourage the person posting negative comments to interact with you and try to resolve his complaint.
  • Most importantly, post positive content about the brand in an extensive manner so that the negative image is pushed from the first 10-12 search engine result pages.

It is not possible to control what others talk about your business. However, you can make efforts to keep your brand in the positive light through professional behavior and aforementioned ideas. Remember that it is important to give complete dedication, business hours and untiring efforts to give your brand the required boost.

Image Credit on Dynastic Tech

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