Important: Incorporate Vine Into Your Social Media Crisis Plan

Important: Incorporate Vine Into Your Social Media Crisis Plan image vine twitter 300x168Important: Incorporate Vine Into Your Social Media Crisis PlanLast week, Twitter released a new app for creating and sharing short looping videos on the social network, called Vine. Many brands have begun to get creative with the app already, using it for marketing messages and brand engagement (check some out here). But in terms of crisis communications, think of what these 6 second video loops, with sound, can do for your brand in terms of communicating your message in an engaging and catchy way in a crisis.

However, it also presents a new form of an already existing risk for brand online: the risk of someone recording a form of negativity and uploading it to the Internet. With Vine, this type of situation risks going viral faster than a tweet that links to the same video on YouTube, because it’s right there in everyone’s stream, right on Twitter. Think back to the crisis FedEx experienced when one of their delivery guys was caught carelessly throwing a package over the recipient’s gate, on camera. This video has over 8 million views on YouTube and went viral almost instantly. Imagine how many more views it may have reached had it also been a 6 second looping video trending on Twitter.

What should your brand be doing, right now, with the launch of Vine?

Vine is definitely an app that your company or organization needs to:

  • Get familiar with
  • Include within your social media crisis communications plan
  • Understand the risk that it presents to your brand
  • Plan for that risk within your social media crisis management plan

It’s never been a secret that your social media crisis plan needs to be evaluated and updated regularly. With the launch of Vine and the potential opportunities and risks that it presents to your organization online, now is one of those times to evaluate and update your online crisis plan.

If you’re interested, here’s a Mashable post that elaborates on how to share Vine videos on Tumblr.

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