The Importance of Video Planning: Video Pep Talk Episode 3

The tripod is all set up and you’re ready to hit the red record button, but wait! Taking the time, even if it’s just five minutes, to plan out, to come up with a question or find a problem to solve, can take your video from being sloppy to informative, fun, and worthwhile to viewers. That was the premise of our discussion on the most recent episode of Video Pep Talk (watch the full episode at the bottom of this post).

Video Planning: Sweet and Simple
In video, there’s a sweet spot we all try to hit: somewhere between under-planning and over-planning. When you go into a video shoot with no plan at all, there’s a good chance nothing productive or worthwhile is going to come out of it. However, if you go in with too much planning, then your video is might come out rigid and far too structured, which can make it seem forced. Or worse, you can become so focused on having that perfect video you end up spending a month on the planning process, and then never actually get around to hitting the record button.

The Importance of Video Planning: Video Pep Talk Episode 3 image VideoPurpose1 300x150Video Planning ToolPremise and Purpose
Instead of sitting down and planning out every single moment of the video, look at the premise of what you are trying to accomplish. For instance, if you are conducting an interview, then you should think of questions ahead of time. If you are planning on answering questions yourself or providing solutions to a problem, then think ahead and decide what your major talking points are. It is a great idea to use a video planning tool that can help you determine your goal and how you are going to reach it. Filling out a video planning template before your video shoot will allow you to have direction and purpose for your video, saving you time and resources.

Tips to Getting Started
Before you push that red button, sit down and plan out what you’re going to do. Here are few things you should think about as you are planning your video:

1. Don’t play the blame game. The best equipment or greatest technology isn’t usually what makes a video worth watching. Focus on your content.

2. Start with questions you’d like to answer in the video. No matter the type of video (interview, informative, etc.) it’s always a good idea to end on this question: is there anything else you’d like to add?

3. Be sure you take advantage of a video planning template that can help you determine the goal of your video and how you are going to reach that goal.

4. Don’t over plan. It can be pretty easy to get hung up on planning out every moment of a video; instead, think of several points you would like to make. Or, think of questions you would like to answer.

When we get too hung up on planning the video, thinking about a flashy introduction, or the right words to start with, we can loose sight of the point of the video: the audience. Ultimately, this video is about your audience. Before you begin shooting the video, you need to understand what your viewers like and don’t like and begin planning what you are going to do based around that data.
Watch the full episode of Video Pep Talk below and tune in for our weekly Video Pep Talks on Google+ Hangouts over the Air every Wednesday for more thoughts on digital video marketing and communications.

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