IEM Shenzhen Hearthstone Day 3: Amaz and RDU face off in first rematch after Dreamhack Summer Finals!

    By Kacper Śmigiel | Small Business

    Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Shenzhen has turned out to be quite a spectacle for Hearthstone fans and casual players, especially for those cheering their local players on.

    (See: Amaz and Massan will be the first two Hearthstone players to represent Asia at IEM Shenzhen!)

    Day 3 will feature a match between Taiwan’s Azeri and Hong Kong’s Jeanno. Both players are looking to make a name for themselves by taking home the trophy. However the other side of the bracket hides two of the biggest monsters presently in competitive Hearthstone: RDU and Amaz.

    I wager it will be one of the best, if not the best match of IEM Shenzhen. Amaz will most likely be thirsty for revenge after what happened during Dreamhack Summer Finals, where RDU took him down 3-0 with his famous Freeze Mage deck. Relatively unknown until his performance in Sweden, RDU made a name for himself by using very unique decks, while taking down players like Ekop or Reynad, who are also known for using their own deck variations, along the way.

    I really hope to see a game between Amaz’s Priest and RDU’s Freeze Mage as it was one of the best matches in the competitive Hearthstone history, mostly due to the Thoughtsteal card and its unpredictability against the Mage class.

    There is a huge possibility of both Hong Kong players going to the final and I believe it would be a great end for all Chinese fans. As for myself, I wish all the best to all four players, especiallly thet two representatives of Hong Kong. My personal bet for this tournament is Amaz, but that is simply because watching his Priest instantly makes the game ridiculously interesting.

    As a friendly reminder, Day 3 begins at 1:40 PM CST, 2:40 PM KST, 7:40 AM CET and 10:40 PM PDT (June 17!) and will be broadcast live on the IEM official site.

    Who do you think will win IEM Shenzhen? Tell us in the comments!

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