Identify Stress Drivers To Get New Customers

    By Susan Oakes | Small Business

    Customers make buying decisions every day. Identify Stress Drivers To Get New Customers image new customers buying decisions 300x233Identify Stress Drivers To Get New Customers

    Some are difficult because brands all seem the same.

    Other buying decisions seem to bring them a sigh of relief.

    One reason why has to do with the attributes of products or services. Customers have a list when they make buying decisions.

    Some attributes that they rate as most important if you asked them.

    However they may buy products or services that do not rate as highly on these attributes.

    The reason is they look at other attributes and often they are related to stress or things going on in their lives.

    For example convenience and time saving attributes may be key considerations and for open up ways to get new customers in a competitive market.


    As more customers are seeking brands that help simplify their lives having this as an attribute it provides your business with opportunities. You have to know your potential customers well and look past the usual demographics or areas related to the market.

    The good news is much of this is common sense if you think of their lives in total and not only regarding your products or services. Think of what could be causing stress and how your products or services can help.

    For example it appears that eating cereal at the breakfast table is declining. However people know that missing this meal is not good for their health. This also applies to parents with children. Currently two large manufacturers are launching a range of liquid breakfasts that can be consumed on the go.


    If you can discover the stress drivers you can build the attributes that provide relief into your products or services.

    For example if you target small business owners then you know they wear many hats, even if they have employees and often money is tight. That is why some businesses offer simple website designs based on templates at a reduced price as a base option. This helps the small business and the company gets new customers.

    Simplicity has many advantages and can differentiate your products or services to help you get new customers.

    Over to you: have you considered building in simplicity based attributes for your products or services? Have you bought brands that have these attributes?

    photo credit: Sasquatch I via photopin cc

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