From Hungary, foldable electric scooter can be collapsed and carried like a rolling suitcase

Consumers have been familiar with foldable bicycles for a while now thanks to brands such as Brompton. Now, eco-friendly Hungarian automotive firm Antro, has taken the logical next step and has created the Moveo, a lightweight electric scooter that can be collapsed and carried like a rolling suitcase.

The company has spent the last five years refining the prototype, getting the weight down to 25 kilograms and the top speed up to 45 kilometers per hour, with its battery charge able to take it 35 kilometers. The current model has stylish gold carbon-composite bodywork and sleek design, while a full scooter seat has not been sacrificed. When drivers reach their destination, the vehicle can be easily folded and carried around using the extendable handle and caster wheels. When folded, bodywork protects users from the machinery inside and the design means that owners don’t have to look for a parking space or lock up their vehicle. Rather they can carry it with them on alternative modes of transport.

Much like the Hiriko Fold, the Moveo reduces the amount of space vehicles take up on crowded city streets and gives drivers more options when the scooter isn’t in use. Antro hopes to get the Moveo into production early next year and is currently looking for investors. Once it hits the market, consumers are set to pay between USD 3,100 and USD 4,600, according to reports. Could your financial backing help bring this innovation to life?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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