A Huge Mobile Marketing Tip

A Huge Mobile Marketing Tip image ID 100152160A Huge Mobile Marketing TipBy now, companies are adopting ways to use social media as a marketing platform. Companies are recognizing that they need to be more transparent and closer to their clients than ever before. Driving people to your website is also a great goal to have with respect to getting people to learn more about your company. It is at this point that companies really need to rethink the way they are doing business, especially as smart phone activity continues to rise.

Here is the best advice I can give you regarding to your mobile marketing strategy. Place your main phone number in the header of your page so it shows up all the time. Think about it! What are the top 5 actions people perform the most on the smartphones. My Unscientific Study)

  1. Place Phone Calls
  2. Send Emails
  3. Post on Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others
  4. Perform a Google Search
  5. Check out the latest News and Weather

The point here is you need to make sure people can find your contact information easily. If you are like most companies, you place this information under a “contact us” tab. My question is why? In this day and age, people go to sites and only make a few clicks. You could be losing people, just because they cannot find a phone number to call you.

Now, Google is trying to help companies out by listing this information in their Google Places Directory and a majority of people use this information to contact companies directly. The point is, your company should also be taking steps to insure this same information is on your own site.

Also, you should consider placing your contact information on your Company Social Media Profiles. Keep this information in front of your readers and encourage them to take one more step and talk to you face-to-face. Isn’t this the best way to be in contact with our clients?

From my experience since we released our new company website in January, the volume of phone calls has gone up tremendously and we have also seen a dramatic increase in the number of online inquiries. I really believe this is a result of making sure this information is available to people who access our site. We are encouraging them to call and receive answers to their questions.

If you want to make your website mobile friendly, start by allowing people to get a hold of you by phone and email.

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