Here is a Huge Marketing Tip That Most People Take for Granted

    By Brent Pohlman | Small Business

    Here is a Huge Marketing Tip That Most People Take for Granted image ID 10045411Here is a Huge Marketing Tip That Most People Take for GrantedToday, the whole focus is on social media and mobile marketing and ______________, (you fill in the blank).

    Yes, most marketing materials online or in books talk about companies that must have a presence on social media or they are not going to survive. Others, say you better make sure your website can be read on a mobile advice or you are not up with the times. What both o of these mentalities are missing is one big item.

    That “Big” Item is this…. COMPANY PHONE NUMBER

    I know it sounds silly, but check how many company websites or social media platforms do not list the company phone number. With everything moving to mobile, how can companies ignore this.

    I think one of the reasons, companies do not list their main company number is because there is no one there to answer the phone. Most people would rather give their personal cell phone number to a prospective client and answer the phone at their convenience rather than the client’s convenience. Is this good, customer service?

    If you are going to be a successful company, you need to make the investment in your client service team and get people to a live connection as quickly as possible. No one likes to go through a phone menu system. In addition, you need quality people in place who know your business and understand where to turn to if they cannot fully answer the client’s questions.

    If you really want to take this topic to another level. Start recording your calls and comments and document the information in a client relationship managment (CRM) system. This information can really be valuable to a company and it really helps create a network where people back each other up and are not so reliant on certain people when it comes to client relationships.

    Also, just look overall at your general calling trends. Are there some weeks that are busier than others? How many client requests were completed? Were there any client complaints that need further action?

    Today, check your websites, social media profiles, email signatures and marketing and display items and make sure your company phone number is listed somewhere for people to see.

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