Can HubSpot Turn Content Marketing Into The New Advertising?

Can HubSpot Turn Content Marketing Into The New Advertising? image pigs on typewriters unusual funnyCan HubSpot Turn Content Marketing Into The New Advertising?Content marketing is fast becoming a rival to traditional advertising, and businesses have to adapt to keep up. This can be seen in in B2B marketing trends as greater emphasis is put on producing quality content to engage audiences and, ultimately, generate leads.

If you decide content marketing is the way forward for your business, HubSpot could be tool that helps bring that idea to fruition. Content marketing does not take place at any one location. Effective content marketing is a cohesive campaign across multiple platforms, one that needs to be strategically monitored and maintained.

The New Advertising

The reason content marketing has the impact it does, is because it is engaging to the audience. Businesses aim to drive their audience towards the desired point of being made aware of the brand. This is not done, however, in the traditional outbound marketing way. Customers are drawn into content. This content may not be directly related to the brand but it has been strategically produced by the company. While your audience is engaged reading your content you can work on creating your brand awareness.

Content marketing works in helping you improve on your brand positioning. Many businesses have used custom publishing to achieve this. Custom publications like magazines, company blogs or online articles give brands a chance to create a personality around the product and appeal to their audiences’ interests.

Placing the emphasis on owned media, such as your company blog, rather than paid media like print advertising, allows you greater control over your branding. Almost immediately you have an added depth to your brand and you can tailor this to your target audience. The idea of content marketing is to have your audience come across it and engage with it because it is something they, themselves, are interested in. Audiences can perceive content marketing as a more personal and relatable way of becoming informed about a brand, giving the business a chance to develop and nurture robust leads.

Making it work for you

The types of content you produce can be as varied as you want it to be. Producing company blogs, white papers or social media campaigns are all ways to attract interested parties in your industry.

A vital part of content marketing is evaluating how well your content is received. Using a tool like HubSpot gives you invaluable insights in this area. You can monitor your social media campaigns, publish to your accounts, and receiving data on your reach and how many leads your campaign generates.

Being aware of how people come across your content can help you make it as noticeable as possible. HubSpot provides you with analytical tools to see the traffic sources to your blog. Your search engine optimization will play a key role in driving your audience towards you. Understanding how to tailor your content to your audiences’ needs can make all the difference between successful and redundant content.

Utilize keywords; words and phrases most commonly searched for by readers and incorporate these into your content. HubSpot allows you to search the popularity of keywords and include them in your content. You can monitor the effectiveness of your strategy by seeing how well these keywords attract readers.

Producing quality content is no easy task. It requires an investment of time and research. Knowing how to engage with your audience and effectively market yourself though the content you produce is an on-going learning process.

Recent figures suggest B2B marketers are investing as much as 26% of the marketing budgets into content marketing.  It is said that one day content marketing will directly rival advertising. While you may never be able to predict how your audience will react to the content you produce, a tool like HubSpot can help you achieve and maintain a competitive edge.

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Post by: Lisa Dunn

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