HR Software Leads That Result From Mixed-Up Recruiting

Recruiting problems are a clear sign of sales leads for HR software vendors. However, sometimes the problem is not that your business client keeps finding the wrong people. Sometimes the wrong people find them. Therefore, another sign you could look out for in your sales leads is a tendency to badly mix up their recruiting.

Getting Sales Leads From Marketing More Transparent Recruiting Tools

Looking for a need is important before starting any marketing strategy for acquiring sales leads. Sometimes though vendors do not go beyond the perspective of their own customers. They forget that there are other parties who are interacting with their software. In your case, aspiring applicants will interact with your HR software applications as much recruiters and managers. They may not be sales leads but they are still an important factor.

So the next time you generate leads, do not just imagine yourself in at the recruiter’s booth. Try imagining yourself on the other end of it.

Recruiting can be a lot generating sales leads too. One similarity is that they both have inbound and outbound strategies. They only difference is what they are looking for. But oddly enough both sales leads and potential job candidates face the same problems in the case of going inbound.

Think about it like this. During your search for software sales leads, you encounter prospects who always have the most unexpected candidates show up after a job posting:

  • People who just want to get in their office – Ever had some prospects attempt to become your sales leads only to find ways to just get free stuff out of you? This is the same thing. Your prospects could use a system that really tests the seriousness of an applicant prior to actually arriving for an interview. Otherwise, they might end up because they wanted to lounge about someone’s corner office.

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  • People who misunderstand the position offered – Other sales leads could need a system that gives small tests that will determine if a candidate at least knows what they are applying for. It is similar to qualifying your sales leads by clarifying the range of technology products you provide. You do not want prospects asking you to give them something you do not actually have.
  • People who are just plain sketchy – When there are still many businesses who just let their applicants walk through the door, you know they are all potential sales leads. They may no longer demand for resumes but they certainly still have a need to check up on their history (just as you check up on a prospect’s past HR experiences when qualifying sales leads).

If you want a funnier illustration, think of your HR software leads like the judges of American Idol. Most of the time they get a lot of people with potential talent. Other times they get oddballs who get their five minutes of fame in the wrong way.

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