How We Boosted Sales During the Holidays

We wanted to cash in on the feeling of good will present during the holidays. But how? With our kosher specialty food store catering to a diverse customer base, we couldn't focus on Christmas or Hanukkah exclusively. We decided to create a winter holiday feeling that would appeal to all our customers and encourage them to spend, spend, spend this holiday season.

Non-Specific Holiday Ambiance

We decked our store with strings of lights, frosted windows, faux snow men, and a machine that blew snow like a water fountain. We played music-box melodies in the background, and we scattered trays with holiday cookie samples throughout the store. As a result, passersby walked in and customers spent more time in the store and, consequently, more money.

Holiday Gifts

To encourage spending and spread holiday cheer, we created lovely thank-you gifts wrapped in shimmering cellophane and silk ribbons. Each gift included samples of in-house specialty items we wished to promote. We offered a small gift for every $50 purchase, a medium gift for $100 purchases, and a large for $150 purchases.

We Made Shopping Easier

We realized that customers will typically stroll around the store until their basket gets full. We decided to order new baskets for the holiday season. Bigger and more beautiful, the new baskets were also lighter.

Holiday Help

We hired two assistants to help customers during the holiday season. Dressed in blue with a white apron, our helpers answered questions and recommended products. More importantly, when a customer's basket became too full, the store assistant was there to offer an empty basket and take the full one to await check-out at the register. As a result, customers started buying two or three basketfuls at a time.

Something New Just for the Holiday

We baked special holiday cakes for the season, decorating them with autumn marzipan leaves to stay religion-neutral. For stocking stuffers or Hanukkah gifts, we made bags of star-shaped cookies decked with sprinkles and tied with colorful ribbons. We also realized that we could package two or three conventional items in a decorative wicker basket to be sold as holiday gifts.

Unique Holiday Solutions

We ordered specialty holiday items to accommodate families that celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. We offered kosher Christmas candy and cookies as well as kosher gold coins that could be used as stocking stuffers or maot Hanukkah. We stocked extra-large, colorful candles to liven up the menorah as it stands beside the glittering Christmas tree.

Gift Certificates

We created homemade gift certificates for $25, $50, and $100. We crumpled each printed page, soaked in it tea for 30 seconds, then flattened the page and let it dry. This gave our gift certificates the look of aged parchment. We rolled each certificate and tied it with a ribbon. Because of their unique look, our gift certificates were snatched up.
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