How Technology Helps to Boost Your Sales

When I worked as a business consultant, I always suggested that clients grasp technology as much as possible. Most companies can use technology to boost their sales. A small investment now can increase your sales and lower your stress. As you read through these suggestions, consider how each one could fit into your small business.
Social Media
I have a former client that owns a retail store. Whenever new stock arrives, he places a post on the store's Facebook page and tweets about it. He also suggests that customers tell him that they noticed the new stock posting online. He has relayed that this suggestion alone has increased his sales by thirty-five percent. He has also gained new customers through his core customers sharing the link to their individual Facebook networks.
My favorite aspect of modern technology is the fact that I can access my email almost anywhere. I have pointed out to clients about how customers and potential customers use email more often. Customers acknowledge companies that email them back quickly and are more prone to give more business in the future. You could lose the potential business to companies that respond faster than you.
Do You Have an App for That?
If you can create an app that links to some portion of your business, you should. Customers love apps and will feel closer to your company by using it. A former client that owns a used bookstore allows customers to access his inventory and reserve books through apps. In the last six months, his sales have gone up by 160 percent.
A few other companies that I have dealt with have had apps created so that their customers can place orders through their phones, tablets, and computers. Not only has this improved their sales, but they have been able to reduce overhead since they do not need workers to take as many physical orders over the phone. Increasing sales and reducing overhead is another way technology can benefit your small business.
Tablets can help your sales staff stay linked into your main computers. They can have immediate access to everything in your system and give customers immediate answers to most of their questions. The faster your workers can get answers, the more time that they can spend on old-school selling. The faster that you can get answers, the faster you can make a sale.
Use every opportunity that you can to use technology to increase your global presence. Make sure that your website can be translated into various languages. I had a client that owns a specialized tool manufacturing company. By spending the extra money to have the option of translating content into other languages, he has gained customers in thirteen countries that he might not have had access to otherwise.
File backup websites, portable hard drives, and other digital storage devices can help to ensure that you do not lose customer invoices or purchase histories. If something happens to your paperwork, it could cost your company weeks (if not more) in profits. People are leery about buying from companies that lose their orders. Eliminate this issue, and your sales will increase.
The transition involved in grasping technology can be stressful, but the benefits can appear quickly. The companies that are using technology to increase their sales are evolving into companies that will be around for many years to come. Accepting this transition will put you ahead of your competition.
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