Hotelogix Review – A Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution

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    As international hotel chains gain a foothold in the competitive hospitality and tourism industry, smaller hotels, inns, and resorts are increasingly looking for ways to keep up. Hotelogix is a platform that helps boutique properties do just that, providing managers with the sophisticated tools they need to manage online bookings, housekeeping logistics, digital marketing, and other critical business operations for one low, monthly price.

    In this Hotelogix review, I will take a close look at the platform’s property management system, web booking engine, point-of-sales, housekeeping and distribution management tools. I will also test out the company’s front desk interface, which is the first of its kind in the industry. Based on my experiences, I’ll offer a recommendation as to whether Hotelogix is truly a tool that owners of small and mid-size hotels could use to streamline the management of their properties.

    About Hotelogix

    Hotelogix is an all-in-one web-based management suite, providing hotel managers with all the tools they need to run their properties and manage distribution. Although Hotelogix is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized hotels, the platform is actually suited well for many different types of properties, including inns, lodges, B&Bs, resorts, camps, serviced apartments, hostels and even mid-size hotel chains.

    Hotel managers can start using Hotelogix’s tools even before their first guests arrive, firing up the web reservation booking console and integrating the online booking system into their existing business websites. From the moment guests arrive at the property, their stay will be managed with the help of the Hotelogix platform. Hotelogix integrates with reservation desks, POS terminals, housekeeping management systems, and distribution systems like GDS and Online Travel Agents.

    Main Functionality of Hotelogix

    Hotel managers can use Hotelogix to manage virtually every aspect of their properties operation and distribution. The web-based platform offers a web-booking module that hotels can integrate into their existing websites. Using this module, guests can enter their preferred dates and room selections, and view room availability in real-time. Hotelogix prompts users to take the next step and book their rooms, and sends automatic confirmation emails when bookings are complete. The distribution system that Hotelogix offers also makes it easy for managers to sell their rooms through intermediary sites like, and through GDS systems like Amadeus, Worldspan, Galileo and Sabre.

    Once a guest arrives at a property, Hotelogix really kicks into gear. The system’s check-in tools automatically assigns rooms to maximize yield, and front desk employees have the option to print guest check-in cards and accept room deposits using the online payment gateway system. Managers also have the option to set up add-ons (like buffet breakfasts or gift shop discounts) to their guest’s reservation.

    Hotelogix offers a number of supplementary hotel service tools, like fully integrated POS systems, task management features, arrival and departure lists and guest message delivery. Managers can use the platform to charge guests additional fees for phone calls, movies, or WiFi access. The data generated by these integrations is automatically analyzed and deposited into daily and monthly business reports.

    Benefits of Using Hotelogix

    Hotel managers have 1,001 responsibilities they’re juggling at all times. Hotelogix can help decrease the workload, and increase efficiency and accuracy, at properties across the globe. Small properties can finally compete with larger hotel chains when they add online booking to their websites. Hotelogix helps hotels do this with minimal IT experience and zero investment on employee training. Hotels that use Hotelogix’s module for online booking will see an immediate ROI, as guests from around the globe start making reservations from the comfort of their own home computers.

    The more efficiently a property runs, the more satisfied guests become. Many of the tools that Hotelogix offers — including integrated POS terminals, and credit card processing — are directly tied to customer satisfaction. Guests who can easily make reservations online, quickly check-in and out of their rooms, and have purchases at restaurants and spas deducted from their hotel accounts are more likely to refer their friends to a property.

    The most unique feature of this platform is its integrated Distribution System. Now a hotel can manage multiple channels like GDS, OTA’s, Travel Agents, Corporates, Facebook Booking through one unified platform. Having an integrated property management system with Distribution ensures a real time and dynamic availability management across channels. The most tiresome aspect of managing rates and allotments across different channels, maintaining the different contract terms like commission, mark ups etc is now simplified with the Platforms Distribution System. Specially for the small hoteliers with limited resources, no longer is the need to hire a dedicated team of people to manage different channels with this powerful feature.

    The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

    Open a new “cash counter,” similar to a cash register, to begin using Hotelogix at your property. Once you’ve opened your cash counter, Hotelogix will take you to your “front desk.” The front desk serves as the main hub of operation on the Hotelogix system, giving you an instant snapshot of your hotel for the next calendar month. You can create multiple cash counters just like you actually have while running your hotel.

    Hotelogix Review – A Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution image Hotelogix1Hotelogix Review – A Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution

    Click on any check-in date to quickly add a new reservation. Hotelogix will guide you through the process, prompting you to enter pertinent details like the number of guests, rate type, and contact information for the guest making the reservation. Enter a credit card number to guarantee the room, or click “Hold Till.”

    Hotelogix Review – A Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution image Hotelogix2Hotelogix Review – A Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution

    Detailed information about any reservation can be obtained by clicking on the reservation name on the front desk page. Hotelogix encourages you to add as much information as possible about the reservation, including guest arrival details, messages, and preferences. You can also enter a payment from this page, or issue a refund in the event that the reservation is cancelled.

    Hotelogix Review – A Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution image Hotelogix3Hotelogix Review – A Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution

    Housekeeping logistics are managed from a separate dashboard page. Managers who use the housekeeping module can set the status of each room (like dirty or touchup), and assign employees to specific rooms each morning. They can also add extra notes or remarks, which housekeepers should reference when reviewing their assignments for the day.

    Hotelogix Review – A Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution image Hotelogix4Hotelogix Review – A Unified Property Management and Distribution Solution

    Support Information

    Hotelogix offers 24×7 live support. Managers who are just getting started using Hotelogix can refer to the web-app’s detailed video tutorials for help with specific modules or tasks. Existing customers can also access technical support, or browse through an extensive FAQ section for general information and advice on topics like security, privacy, and software requirements. How to use? Sections are provided at different places on the frontdesk which contain information on using the system. Users who need more specific information can contact Hotelogix directly for personalized support.

    Pricing Information

    Hotelogix offers a simplified pricing structure, allowing new users to get started for as little as $350. Hotels have the option to choose between three plans. With Plan 1, hotels pay as low as $2.99 per room, per month. Plan 2 operates on a pay-per-occupancy model, with hotels paying 20 cents per occupied room night. With Plan 3, hotels pay a flat yearly fee of $29.90 per room. All pricing plans include an unlimited number of users, basic setup services, and booking engine integration. Hotelogix Distribution System has a flat monthly pricing including all channels like GDS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine integration, travel agent and corporate consoles.

    Security and Efficiency

    Hotelogix has a no compromise policy when it comes to data security. With data hosted on Amazon E2Cloud, your data is secure with multiple failsafe mechanisms and backups are done in seconds on servers across multiple geographies. There is no need to maintain servers, upgrade memory after having years of guest data and maintain backups. Everything is available at no extra cost and in a seamless manner.

    The Bottom Line

    Hotelogix offers an extremely versatile property management system and distribution system designed to support the needs of small and mid size hotels and B&Bs. By integrating Hotelogix into their existing websites and business tools, hotel managers can streamline operations and encourage more guests to make reservations online. They can also simplify the check-in/check-out process. Hotelogix works on any computer, laptop, ipad, phone etc with an Internet connection, which means managers who use the platform can gain access to their guest management systems whether they’re in the office, on the road, or sitting in their living rooms at home.

    Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 4/5

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