Hotel offers personalized holiday tips through Pinterest

From customer review sites to social media recommendations, there is a plethora of available information for those planning a trip to digest. We recently saw Suggestme aggregate this data to offer up-to-the-minute travel advice trends, but now hotel chain Four Seasons has launched Pin.Pack.Go, a Pinterest-based concierge service that offers holiday suggestions based on customers’ existing pins.

The scheme takes advantage of the fact that travelers already use Pinterest to search for and bookmark ideas for their holiday. Those wanting to receive expert advice from Four Seasons representatives simply create a board with the title Pin.Pack.Go, and comment on the company’s original pin with the hotel they’ll be staying at. Customers can then begin to fill their board with photographs, food and experiences that represent their perfect holiday. After following Four Seasons and inviting the brand as a collaborator, an expert from the company then joins in to collaborate on the pinboard, offering trip suggestions based on the existing content.

The scheme essentially provides consumers with an online concierge service before they’ve even booked their holiday and offers a unique, individualized connection with the brand. The campaign also serves to drive traffic and engagement to Four Seasons’ Pinterest page. How else can companies use social media to reach out to their customers on a personal level?


Spotted by: Jim Stewart

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