Hosting Webinars for Lead Generation :: Magnet Minute (Video)

This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy talks about webinars as digital marketing tools to drive lead generation.

Webinars are live events for sharing content, often times in the format of a Powerpoint presentation. There are free and paid options, but hosting free events can be extremely successful to drive leads and sales because the webinars provide a personal sharing platform.

Online marketers are frequently using webinars to share content because it creates a more intimate setting than just having your audience read a blog post or watch a video on your site. Instead, you’re able to engage with them using more senses, providing them details about your products and services in a personalized setting.

A big reason why it’s successful is because it’s live. People love to have the opportunity to engage with you and your content in a direct setting where they can hear how you approach things live, and where they can send questions to be addressed during the session. Other mediums can be seen and consumed the same way, now or later. Having it be LIVE creates an additional level of intrigue and interest.

In terms of lead generation, webinars are a great platform because you can set up the “free” content in the event to be a direct lead in to whatever it is you’re selling. Whether you’re just trying to get people on a list or if you actually want them to convert to a sales page, you have the opportunity to do these things once you’ve primed them with a great amount of similar content via the webinar!

There are many platforms for you to use to do this sort of content sharing. is obviously an oldie but goodie. It’s free for the first 30 days and then you do need to pay a monthly rate of around $100.00. But you can also go the Google Hangout route and live stream to your YouTube channel so that you don’t have a limit on participants and people can watch the replay immediately after (or until you decide to remove it.)

What are your thoughts on webinars for lead generation? Share in the comments!

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