Is Hong Kong the New Tech Hub of China? Infographic

    By Ally Biring | Small Business

    Hong Kong has overtaken both Shanghai and Beijing to become China’s biggest tech hub, according to a new infographic released by

    The company analysed data on four of China’s biggest tech cities – Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong – and found a vast gap between the potential of Hong Kong and its mainland counterparts.

    One of the more startling findings is the discrepancy between internet access in Hong Kong, where 90% of the population are online, and the mainland, where as few as 72% in Beijing have access. By contrast, Shanghai fared even worse with over 30% of the population lacking any form of internet access.

    The infographic also compares the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs in each of the cities. Whereas all three mainland cities require a 30-60 day checking period for people wishing to register a new business, Hong Kongers can achieve the same in a little over 2 days.

    “With its explosive recent growth and rapid development, Hong Kong is the fastest rising tech hub in Asia,” note the infographic’s authors, adding that the city is poised to become one of the worlds “technological leaders.”

    So far, the statistics seem to agree: in 2011, the number of new businesses launched in Hong Kong was more than double that of NYC; while net income from foreign investment remains stubbornly high. As the infographic’s authors note: “Hong Kong is a powder keg of a technoeconomy waiting to explode.”

    Is Hong Kong the New Tech Hub of China? Infographic image Infographic Final 500pxIs Hong Kong the New Tech Hub of China? Infographic This infographic was provided by HotelClub Hong Kong.

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