Homes protected by a sensor and app kit

    By Tom | Small Business

    Smartphones have already been used as digital keys for households by Apigy Inc, which used the idea as the basis of its Lockitron service. Now Scout aims to provide a complete security system for the home – enabling remote arming and disarming, as well as notifications of suspicious activity.

    Intended to be easy to install for both homeowners and tenants, the service provides wifi-enabled sensors that can be affixed to walls in the property without cables or damage, or simply placed on a bedside table. The devices come in different designs that either blend into the home décor or look conspicuous to deter intruders. Using a synced smartphone, tablet or online account, users can then arm and disarm their security system from any location. They can also set up notifications that alert them when there is activity around the house, if a door or window is opened or if an indoor safe is tampered with. They can then decide whether they need to take action, even alerting the police through the app. Alternatively, customers can have the system professionally monitored from USD 10 per month. The cost of the system starts from USD 120 and is available to preorder. The video below provides a demonstration of Scout’s offerings:

    With innovations such as Scout and Lockitron, it seems that the future of home security may lie in the palm of our hand.


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