Home device offers sunlight in the daytime, LED lighting at night


While solar energy can be transformed into electricity to power home lighting, it doesn’t necessarily need to be converted at all in some cases. Proving this point, the Smart LED from Solatube is a device that uses photonics to draw natural sunlight into dark rooms in the daytime, while providing LED illumination at night.

Rather than simply fitting into the ceiling, the Smart LED features an optical dome that maximizes the capture of sunlight and sits on the building’s roof. Using highly-reflective tubing, the rays are then delivered into rooms that suffer from a lack of light in the day. The device also includes an LED bulb and a sensor that monitors the levels of daylight that are being drawn in. As the daylight fades, the LED lighting is slowly activated until it’s at 100 percent power after sunset.

As well as taking advantage of environmentally-friendly LED lighting, the system could also help reduce energy costs in homes and commercial buildings where lighting is on during the day. Are there other ways to take advantage of natural sunlight?

Website: www.solatube.com
Contact: www.solatube.com/about/contact-us

Spotted by Michael Sather, written by Springwise

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