The Home Away From Home Travel Kit Infographic

The Home Away From Home Travel Kit Infographic image The Home Away From Home Travel Kit Infographic

We all spend a lot of time looking forward to our annual holidays, when we plan to get away from hectic schedules, crowded offices and the daily grind. We dream of a perfect holiday with white sands, blue beaches, palm trees and so on. But traveling or sometimes even planning a trip can be more stressful than our actual jobs! Our infographic has some tips to make your holiday a memorable one that hopefully all the family will enjoy.

Apart from the tickets, passports and money, one of the best travelling companions could be your laptop. Fill it with games and films to keep everyone amused on the journey, then use it to keep in touch with the folks back home. 90% of us check our Facebook profiles while on holiday, whilst more than half of us use Twitter to keep everyone up to date with our exploits. Download some of your favourite tracks onto your smartphone as this will not only help to pass the time in airport lounges or crowded motorways, but is also a great way to remember friends and previous trips, as well as building new memories to share later.

Carrying a little piece of home, either as a pillow or favourite toy, is the best way to make little ones feel comfortable when travelling. Children often worry that there will be nothing they will want to eat when away from home, so always be sure to pack their favourite cereals and snacks ( providing these meet airline requirements should you be flying ). And if you can’t bear to be away from the family pet, why not look for a pet friendly home swap this year?

Wherever you go, try to keep a balance between making the most of your new surroundings whilst also thinking about home. With the right packing and preparation your annual holiday could be perfect this year.


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