Home Automation via Your Smartphone

    By Daniel White | Small Business

    Does it ever cross your mind just how much you can do with your Smartphone these days? Whether it’s sending an email, replaying to a text or using your device as a GPS, really anything is possible. Due to advancements in mobile integration, the Smartphone can now be used to control almost every part of your home. This article will shed light on several of the latest and greatest home automation devices to make for a simpler, efficient and hassle-free lifestyle.

    Forget your house key? Not too worry, Nexia Home Intelligence has created a clever iPhone controlled door lock giving the user the ability to both lock and unlock the front door of their house with the swipe of a finger. With a price tag of about $250, it just may be worth it. In addition to the front door, controlling your garage door(s) via iPhone is certainly possible as well with Liftmaster’s 8360 and 8550 iPhone compatible garage door openers. With SMART Connect by Protect America, home owners can both activate and deactivate their alarm remotely. All in all, if you have kids, these products will come in handy more often than not.

    For those of us too lazy to get off the couch or too sleepy to get out of bed, regulating temperature is now easier than ever with the Nest Learning Thermostat. While most thermostats are programmable, many of us do not take the time to properly schedule them, and in turn, overpay by hundreds of dollars in a given year.  While the device will set you back about $250, it will surely pay itself off within just a year or two. With Nest, you have the ability to remotely adjust the temperature of your entire house or even a particular room from the touch of your iPhone.

    As demand grows for Smartphone enabled technology, more and more startups are beginning to bring innovative and unconventional products to market. A startup called LIFX raised a whopping $1.3 million on the crowdfuding platform Kickstarter for its Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color, iPhone controlled LED light bulb. The product is so popular that pre-orders are sold out and unavailable on the public market until Q1 of 2014.

    Only time will tell what our Smartphones will be capable of next…

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