Hiring Great Employees

When starting a business, it's almost a sure thing that there will be twists, turns and bumps along the way. The most important move you can make as an entrepreneur is to realize your strengths and weaknesses and then go about hiring great employees to fill in the gaps and complete the picture. While most big corporations have numerous people with overlapping responsibilities, the majority of small businesses have very few employees. In fact, the last U.S. Census reports that small businesses with fewer than ten employees make up 78% of all employers. That means every move of every employee counts, so here are our suggestions to help you in hiring great employees for your business success:

Recruit "superstars" only

By hiring great people in each position, your odds of success go way up. You don’t have a cushion of extra time or leftover resources so it’s essential that every employee be an extremely capable “superstar” at what he or she does and be well coordinated with the rest of the team activities.

Make a recruitment list

Always keep your feelers out, and make a target list of the twelve most valuable superstars you would like to recruit and continuously work those relationships. We actually found some of our best employees through other small business contacts. That’s why it’s a good idea to regularly attend networking events, and ask for referrals from customers, business associates, competitors, and current staff members.

Review your plan with candidates

Superstar people seek more than monetary compensation, such as being part of the team and taking pride in their achievements. That’s why it’s a good idea to walk through your business plan with potential great employees, but be sure to appeal to their goals, rather than just asking them to meet yours.

Get help from your team

Why not tap into the minds of your current employees? Every person in your business should develop (and share) their own list of 12 superstars that they would like to see added to the team.

Hire “potential”

If you're cash-strapped, hire "potential". You can always find skilled freelancers or hire and train less experienced workers who have enthusiasm, passion and intelligence. Superstars learn like lightning and can quickly make up for limited experience.

We get a huge rush when we use our instincts and ability to recognize a new business opportunity or great people. As an entrepreneur, you’re always somewhere between total failure and outrageous success. We’ve been close to failure our fair share of times, and in those moments when we were living on fumes of cash reserves, responding to aggressive competitors, facing tough economic times, and dealing with other stressful situations, it has been proven to us over and over that our extraordinary team of people is the most valuable asset we have. Take the time to find superstar performers, go about hiring great employees, and your business will reap the benefits!

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