How To Hire A Great Salesman For Your Business

How To Hire A Great Salesman For Your Business image hire great salesmanHow To Hire A Great Salesman For Your Business

There are some who say that great sales people are born, while there are others who are wont to argue that these great sales people can be properly trained. The greatest sales people are self-motivating. They actively seek out new sales leads even as they are working to close a sale with existing qualified leads. They understand the value of a large network of acquaintances, and are constantly working to expand their own business network. Understandably, these top talents are often already employed, and if they aren’t, they are either on a self-imposed vacation or are planning to start their own company. So, how do you attract top talent to work for your company?

5 Tips on how to hire great sales people:

  1. Since most sales people tend to already be employed, recruiters have a better chance of finding them than job postings. Make sure that the recruiter you hire uses appropriate metrics for qualifying the talent, is highly motivated and experienced in dealing with top talent from your industry.
  2. There are different types of great sales people. Those who are great at closing sales, and those who are great at customer relationship management. Hiring the former will ensure you of a large number of sales leads and great lead generation marketing plans, while hiring the latter means that you will have a lead nurturing expert on your team. Of course, if you are lucky enough, you may find one who is adept at both.
  3. You should ask if your prospective salesman has experience with various lead generation channels such as  telemarketing, social media marketing, email marketing, direct marketing, etc. A well rounded and up-to-date salesman will be better able to reach your target market than a salesman who only uses one channel for all marketing and lead generation purposes.
  4. Some businesses rely heavily on technical knowledge. When you are faced with choosing between a technical candidate without selling experience and a successful sales person with little background in your industry, it is better to choose the latter. Knowledge about the technical aspects can be acquired eventually, but the characteristic predisposition to actively seek out, meet and connect with new sales leads is difficult to cultivate.
  5. Lastly, when hiring top talent, don’t think you can get away with being cheap. If you expect your sales people to bring in profits that continuously exceed the previous quarter’s figures, you have to compensate them properly for their efforts.

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