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Signing on a new customer to buy our products or services is a process not unlike being hired on as an employee. As working adults, each of us has been in a job interview. In some, we may have been the interviewer, in others, the interviewee.

The interview questions, asked and answered, vary, but for starters, usually cover education, experience and expertise. For the most part, those answers rest in fact – they appear on the resume. What’s not so concrete? The individual side; the questions that reflect one’s personal job approach. The “How would you handle this scenario?” “What are your strengths?” “Any weaknesses?” “What are your career goals?” “Why should we hire you?” types of inquiries. In other words, what makes you different?

Interestingly, these are very much the same types of questions and concerns that companies have when they are considering buying your business’ products or services.

If you’ve properly prepared for soliciting new work, your branding and marketing should answer most of these questions up front. Your potential customer should be able to easily find your experience and expertise…your history is part of the equation. But they should also be able to discern what type of “worker” you might be – and if you could be a good “fit” for them. Your marketing materials, including your company website, LinkedIn profile, collateral materials, content marketing (blogs, emailing, social media and newsletters), testimonials or speaking presentations should give your audience a good idea of who you are and the benefits of working with you. How do you separate your business from the competition? Consistent branding across all of your marketing vehicles paves the way to successful selling.

Be objective in creating your marketing materials. Think from the perspective of someone doing the hiring. How can you best represent yourself, stand out and pre-sell your product or service? Ultimately, do you come across as the best candidate for the job?

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