The Hipster’s Guide to Better Business

The Hipster’s Guide to Better Business image hipsterThe Hipster’s Guide to Better BusinessEveryone is an expert at mocking hipsters, but the truth is…if you can market to a hipster, you can market to anyone. You see, hipsters don’t buy into a product or service unless a few boxes are checked. If you can convince a hipster to love your brand, the rest of your audience will be a piece of cake.

Make It Personal

Hipsters like to feel as if they’re the only one who’ve ever heard of a band, and if you can make them feel that protective of your brand, then you’re in. Enable your audience to make a personal connection with your product. Tell a story. Make them feel involved. Speak to the pains that your prospects experience, whether your business is home delivery or enterprise software, and make them feel that they are the first to experience something magical. Pretty soon, your customers are going to be saying, “I liked [your business] before it was cool!”

Make It Unique

This tip might contradict the previous tip just a tad. Because even if you make your brand’s story personal, it doesn’t matter if it’s not unique. You need a differentiator that sets you apart from the competition. Don’t just sell bikes. Sell unicycles. (Hipsters love unicycles.) Don’t just offer one marketing tool. Offer a whole suite. One thing a hipster loves more than anything is a product unlike any other. If you give the hipsters something to brag about, your everyday customers will come in droves.

Make It Disruptive

If you want to appeal to a crowd that treasures differentiators, not only do you need to do something unique…you need to do something that flies in the face of the norm. Do something disruptive. Do something that other companies not only don’t do, but don’t want to do. Recently we blogged about Zappos and the fact that they opt for “unsexy” customer service…and how it puts them at the top of the customer service lists year after year. Do that. Disrupt the expectations of your audience. The hipsters won’t be able to contain their excitement, and that means everyone else will soon follow.

Make V-Neck T-Shirts

Okay, maybe not, unless you’re giving out swag at your next trade show (which you should). Hipsters love V-neck shirts, but the real tip here is this: make your product more than a business. Make it a brand. Make it a way of life. Make it a household word. Make it something they don’t mind wearing on a t-shirt or a sticker they don’t have a problem with slapping on their water bottle. When your business becomes more than just a business and becomes a brand people want to be associated with, you’ve reached the next level in marketing.

The only downside to this list is that once the mainstream catches on, the hipsters will drift away. But never fear. By then you’ll be so incredibly successful, you won’t need hipster appeal. And besides…if you ever want to lure them back, you can just start an obscure band with your employees and they’ll come running. Good luck!

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