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Print marketing? Print marketing? Despite our increasing attention to all things online (e.g. SMO, SEO, SEM, blogging, etc.), print marketing is still a viable avenue for acquiring new customers, retaining former customers, and increasing brand awareness. Sure, many of us spend an ungodly amount of time on the internet, but the internet has yet to replace the feeling of printed materials in human hands.

I’m sure many new businesses and startups think that forgoing print marketing wouldn’t do much harm. However, there are business opportunities that are only available through printed materials that are too good to pass up. For example, direct mail is still an extremely effective marketing tool and has a high acquisition rate, higher than most Internet marketing strategies.

As seen here, there are a ton of creative ways to market your business outside of the Internet. Is print keeping up? Let’s find out.

QR Codes

Even though printed materials are outside of the Internet that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to be connected to the Internet. You can create a QR code that goes to any website. Put them on t-shirts, posters, flyers, or whatever else. QR codes can also be used to claim coupons or giveaways; they are more likely to get scanned if there’s a reward in it for the scanner.

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Heinekin used QR Codes quite successfully by using stickers at a festival that detailed information about the person wearing them. Very creative, very successful. Besides, people are always looking for a reason to pull out their smart phones, you might as well give them something useful to do once they do.


Posters are pretty old school, but they are still really effective marketing tools. Because people are awesome posters have gotten a little more sophisticated than a giant piece of paper. BBC made an interactive poster with conductive ink that would play music if touched.

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You don’t have to get as crazy as conductive ink; usually being creative will work just as well at catching those potential customers’ eyes. You can even start implementing augmented reality into your businesses printed material. Augmented reality hasn’t gained any real traction yet, but getting on the AR wagon early will ensure later success. Especially since people are already coming up with awesome uses for it.

Focus on Quality

First, always focus on content. Okay, content isn’t high-tech or revolutionary, but a constant reminder to marketers (online or offline) is necessary since so many are still putting out low-quality content expecting results. No matter how high-tech your printed materials are, it will fall flat if the content is not worth a customer’s time.

The same goes for quality. Online marketers looking to get content posted on sites can visualize this by thinking about the quality of a site’s page. You really don’t want your content on a terrible-looking site that nobody goes to and nobody wants to look at. The same goes for printed materials. Use high-quality printers, high-resolution graphics, and vibrant color copies that will make your marketing materials really shine. And really, if it looks awesome, nobody is going to want to throw it away.

By focusing on quality in terms of content and material, your message will create resonance with a potential customer. While there might not be an immediate action on the part of that future customer, there are more likely to pick up a piece of paper again than they are to go to a website.

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