Service helps brands create photo-sharing communities among fans

It was just about a year ago that we covered Instagrid Network’s platform connecting brands with influential Instagram users, and recently we came across something similar. Based in California, Pixlee helps brands tap user-generated photos and create photo-sharing communities among fans.

Brands begin by announcing a campaign and instructing fans to tag their photos in a particular way – “#nikerocks,” for example. They then install Pixlee’s photo wall on their site. As user-generated photos are submitted, Pixlee’s web app collects them in real time, using a combination of computer vision, machine learning and photographic data to help the best ones surface first. From there the brand can curate which photos are shown on its wall and publish them on sites including Facebook and Tumblr. Pixlee, meanwhile, measures engagement and provides analytics including impressions and ROI.

Launched earlier this month, Pixlee currently sells its service on a three-tiered subscription model, with monthly pricing beginning at “a few hundred dollars,” according to a BetaKit report. Clients already signed up include the San Francisco 49ers, Yamaha and Vail Ski Resort. Brands around the globe: one to test out for your own marketing efforts? All others: time to help companies tame the user-generated photo explosion with a like-minded service of your own?


Spotted by: Katharina Kieck

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