What Health and Science Marketers Can’t Afford to Neglect

There are good reasons for hospital, health and science marketers to be active in social media, and with so much excitement over apps like Vine and platforms like Pinterest, it’s easy to neglect something at the core of your digital strategy: your website.

Remember when homepages were the shiny new objects? The superstars? The places where brands showed what they were made of and how their products and services were superior to those of their competitors? No, websites aren’t the new kids on the block anymore, but here’s a tip: they’re just as important as they’ve always been. There’s even evidence that for some demographics, like baby boomers, despite all other touch points like television and mobile, research still occurs on the desktop computer.

A post at iMedia Connection posits that websites are the nucleus of your business, and certainly a strong web presence can be a hub connected with all of your online assets, everything from testimonials to whitepapers, blog posts to YouTube videos. There’s even a strong call for marketers to make hospital websites, in particular, more informational and educational.

Are you making the most of your website? Here are some questions you should ask as you make your assessment:

  • Does it advance the goals of your marketing strategy, including branding?
  • Does it prioritize the needs of visitors? (Many sites, for example, now feature tools specific to their businesses, such as location finders, appointment makers, live chats, account access and real-time emergency room wait times.)
  • Does it showcase your strengths and areas of expertise?
  • Is it user-friendly and attractive?
  • Is it current and accurate?
  • Is it optimized for SEO?
  • Do you update it frequently with new content, such as blog posts, photographs and features?
  • Is it mobile-friendly?

Yes, it’s a lot to manage. But you want your online presence to be the one that users keep coming back to… not the one they leave for more engaging sites published by your competitors. Need help developing a strategy and keeping your online assets fresh? We would love to work with you!

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