How To Find The Right Hashtags For Your Business

    By Prasanna Bidkar | Small Business

    Twitter is a great tool to find new people and strike a conversation with a potential customer. Its strength also lies in allowing communication on a topic that people can participate in at their own time and convenience. However, to make the conversation possible and allow maximum participation, it is important that you use the right hashtags.

    How To Find The Right Hashtags For Your Business image best hashtags 300x300How To Find The Right Hashtags For Your Business

    With millions of tweets spewed per minute, a tweet can be easily lost in the Twitter sea. Hashtags give you a hook that can net your target audience and draw them in a conversation. Although you can make a hashtag out of any word, it should satisfy these conditions to be effective:

    • It should be used by a considerable number of Twitter users

    • It should be used by influencers your target customers would follow

    • It should be used in the right context

    If not, it is as good as not using any hashtag at all.

    Keyword search

    Do a simple search for the keyword you think is suitable for your business. For example, if you develop smartphone applications, you will most likely want to use #apps as a tag in your message. However, if you put ‘apps’ (without the # symbol), you will see that there are hardly any tweets that use #apps as the hashtag. Some of the related hashtags that you do find are ’#webapps’, ‘#application’, ‘#android’, and so on. If #apps is not used enough for smartphone applications, then you need to find out what is.

    Hashtag Research

    After you have identified hashtags relating to your business using the above exercise, helps you analyze your shortlisted hashtags. You can see the trend for the hashtag to see how many tweets were sent per hour. You also get to see the profiles who used the hashtag most and their tweets. This way, you get to see what other hashtags were used in the context of your hashtag.

    How To Find The Right Hashtags For Your Business image apps perhr 300x182How To Find The Right Hashtags For Your Business How To Find The Right Hashtags For Your Business image android perhr 300x178How To Find The Right Hashtags For Your Business

    From the example above, we have our primary hashtag and we also found some other relevant hashtags. Now, if you go through these choices, you will find that at its peak, #android is used at the rate of 43,000 tweets per hour and #app is used for only 300 tweets per hour in the last 24 hours. So it will be better to combine #app with #android if you develop applications for Android to get into any stream that is filtered based on #android.

    Selecting a Hashtag

    Another tool you can use to research relevant hashtags for your business is This tool shows you the most popular hashtags related to your primary hashtag. If you enter our primary hashtag, #app here, you will see that #android is the most popular relevant hashtag – kind of proves what we found manually using

    How To Find The Right Hashtags For Your Business image apps relevantHow To Find The Right Hashtags For Your Business

    The tool also shows the list of top influencers using the hashtag and the number of followers they have. Moreover, the hashtag graph also shows correlation of the secondary hastags with the primary hashtag. At times, you might want to use a hashtag that is less popular but more relevant to your primary hashtag. For example, if you develop apps for iPhone, you will see that ipad (91.9) is more popular than iphone (87.9). However, # app is used more widely for a phone application than a computer. This is portrayed by the higher correlation value for iphone (24.9%) compared to ipad (11.2%). Therefore, using iphone instead of ipad will be more appropriate here.

    All this might look and sound exhausting, but it is a small price you pay before you start tweeting about your product or service. Using and creating hashtags in an ad-hoc manner will fragment your message and make it difficult for your followers to keep track of your product or brand.

    Are you using Twitter hashtags for your business yet? How much thought are you putting into them? How about leaving a comment to let us know!

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