Hasbro Declared 2012′s Most Environmentally Improved Manufacturer [Infographic]

Many companies undertake great efforts to improve their green credentials (and, by extension, the public’s perception of them). It looks like consumer interest and demand for ‘Green’ products continues to rise year on year, and research indicating that they are willing to pay a premium for the service suggests that being the green authority in your field is a very lucrative position indeed.

According to this infographic it looks like HASBRO, along with a few other industry-leading corporations, have been pushing above and beyond. This infographic details achievements of many multi-billion dollar companies, and shows interesting stats on the emissions caused by manufacturing across the world, along with the seemingly recession-proof green demands of consumers.

Catch the details below (click to enlarge):

Hasbro Declared 2012s Most Environmentally Improved Manufacturer [Infographic] image The Value Of Being Green Green Manufacturing Over Time Infographic7Hasbro Declared 2012s Most Environmentally Improved Manufacturer [Infographic]


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