Happy New Year! Employee Retention Tips from… Your New Puppy?

    By Jodi Beuder | Small Business

    Happy New Year! Employee Retention Tips from… Your New Puppy? image puppyEmployee Retention Tips from Your New PuppyCongratulations! You have a puppy! I have arrived in your home safe and sound, a soft, cuddly gift of love that will keep giving… and giving… and giving… But in order for me to give to you successfully and provide you with the kind of love you need, there are things you need to give me first. If I was your new employee and you were a Customer Experience Manager, we could work together under the same terms. Here are some tips from me to you, to help you launch into 2014 with success, enthusiasm and optimism to encourage employee retention:

    1) Do your research!

    Am I the right type of dog breed for your home? Will I get along with your other pets and kids in the house? Am I capable of staying outdoors all day and being alone or do I need a pal and lots of attention? Same goes for your employees: are they capable of lots of customer interaction? Do they have an entrepreneurial spirit to take ownership of their position and make it fit to their goals and with their skills for a successful partnership? (Big words, I know! I am smart—you just have to know me.

    2) Train me!

    I can’t learn the basics of your house rules without proper training. Consistency will help. Reinforcement is key.

    3) Nurture me!

    I will learn your rules if you provide them with respect, kindness and encouragement. If you give demands with negativity, I will not know what behavior can earn me rewards. If you provide me with incentives to do the right thing, I will very easily be motivated to continue that behavior!

    4) Feed me!

    I am hungry and am capable of growing fast – you just need to feed me proper nutrition so I can remain the loyal companion you want me to be. And if I were your new employee, if you “feed me” with information, company communications, customer insight and more, I will learn and grow.

    5) Listen to me!

    If you give me a chance to show you, I can let you in on what I like, what makes me happy, and what makes me tick to make you happy. If you have one-on-ones with your employees on a consistent basis, they will be comfortable to talk to you and develop a partnership so you can both be successful in your roles.

    6) Monitor my behavior!

    Sometimes I forget… I am young and playful and fun but if I stray from the house rules and you don’t notice, I might get away with that behavior if no one is noticing! I might just keep that up! Just like me, you need to keep your eye on your new employees. They may have old habits that weren’t noticed from jobs prior that need discipline or skills they haven’t used that could require sharpening.

    7) Give me a warm place to sleep!

    If I have a warm, cozy environment to sleep, I will wake up rested and ready to play. Your employees need a healthy work environment, too, with the right technology to complete their work. Chaos and disorder, disorganization and sloppiness will only contribute to bad reaction, behavior and attitude.

    So to wrap up… Take care of me. Feed me. Watch over me. And I will keep wagging my tail! I will respect you! And I will thank you, in my many special ways, for all that you do for me.

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