Service handles all paperwork relating to child birth

On one end of the relationship spectrum, we’ve seen Mexico’s Libera Pass gift card service to make divorces easier. On the other end, PequeTrámites is a Spanish-based service offering to deal with all of the documentation and registration that inevitably comes with having a baby.

Parents who have just given birth are required to set up a social security number for the baby and apply for a birth certificate, passport and maternity or paternity leave, as well as any benefits they may be entitled to. Rather than going through back-and-forth correspondence with government authorities and taking trips to the registry office, PequeTrámites visits new parents at their home in order to work out the information and forms they will need to complete the registration processes. The family can then relax and spend time with their new child. After seven days, the company hands over an organized folder of official documents they will need for the future.

The service costs EUR 64.95 and is currently only available to married couples in Spain. Could this work in your country?


Spotted by: Manual Perez Suarez

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