Handlebars give any bike performance tracking and security features

    By Tom | Small Business

    The Velo-1 has already enabled cyclists to take advantage of smart features such as automatic gear shifting and route information through their own smartphone. Now, Helios handlebars integrate both performance tracking software and safety hardware into any existing bike.

    The easy-to-install product – which successfully raised over USD 120,000 through a Kickstarter campaign that was funded this week – offers multiple features to riders. The handlebars feature an integrated LED light that is five times brighter than standard bike lights, as well as rear-facing indicators that can be activated by tapping the buttons located on the handlebar. Through the Helios app, users can set the lights to automatically turn off when their smartphone has moved out of the bike’s proximity. They can also choose the color of these lights, or alternatively connect them to the speedometer on the app, allowing them to act as visual indicators of the rider’s pace.

    The Helios bars feature an integrated GPS module that informs owners of the whereabouts of their bike. By placing a pay-as-you-go SIM card into the device, users can text their bike to ensure it’s still where they left it, or find out where thieves have taken it if it is stolen. The video below offers more information about the handlebars:

    The Helios bars are available in black or white, bullhorn or drop style, and can be pre-ordered from the company’s website for USD 199 with USD 20 domestic and USD 55 international shipping. Are there other consumer products that could benefit from smart add-ons such as this?

    Website: www.ridehelios.com
    Contact: www.ridehelios.com/contact.php

    Spotted by: Murray Orange

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