Handheld sensor detects stress and teaches users to control it

Gamification is known to be effective in encouraging positive habits when it comes to health, as devices such as the T-Haler have demonstrated. Having recently reached its funding target on Kickstarter, the PIP is a device that senses stress when held in the hand and can be used to control video game characters that teach users how to manage their anxiety.

The PIP is small enough to be held between the thumb and forefinger and uses galvanic plates to detect moisture and heat – high levels of which are indicative of stress or discomfort. The device then relays the data via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet in real time. The PIP can act as a controller for an array of games and challenges, where users can see the effect their stress levels have on the characters. In one game, for example, players are pitted in a race against the computer where their character speeds up when users calm down. This kind of activity allows people to see exactly how methods such as breathing, concentrating or altering their environment can help them relieve stress. The video below is taken from the PIP’s Kickstarter campaign:

The most interesting aspect of the PIP is its capacity to be adapted for a wide range of uses. The device could be used as a simple method for quantifying daily stress or even as a portable lie detector – for serious uses or just for fun. Those who backed the project paid USD 99 for the PIP, which comes in a range of colors. Are there other ways games could be used to manage anxiety, or other health issues?

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Spotted by: Raymond Neo

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