Hamilton vs Button [Infographic]

    By Suzanne Ritter | Small Business

    When it comes to the two British drivers everyone seems to have a favourite. The rivalry between Formula 1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button has been highly scrutinised in the past, and with the former teammates now driving for different teams, things are definitely set to get more interesting.

    So who do you think is the better driver and does the car they’re driving matter? This fascinating F1 infographic takes a closer look at both drivers’ track stats. Analysing their championship performance in 2012 for McClaren, some of their career defining moments, as well taking a look at what some of the F1 Greats have said about them in the past. And lets not forget about their contrasting driving styles, is Hamilton’s risk taking style better? Or do you prefer the technical perfection of Button? Both certainly have their pros and cons. And there’s plenty to consider as the 2013 Formula One Championships gets into full swing.

    Hamilton vs Button [Infographic] image TS F1 infographic 95Hamilton vs Button [Infographic]

    Source: TeamSport Karting

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