Grocery Shopping Goes Digital

Grocery Shopping Goes Digital image grocery digitalGrocery Shopping Goes Digital

Is that a smartphone in your grocery cart?

According to eMarketer, it just might be. In a recent study with, it was found that more female smartphone owners are turning to their mobile devices while grocery shopping. 47% said it was because apps were easy to use in-store, while 36% said they use mobile apps to aid in their meal decisions.

Before even leaving for the grocery store, shoppers consult social sites like Pinterest for inspiration. In fact, 3 out of 4 of the women surveyed said they tried new recipes based on those they found on Pinterest. 54% of all online consumers use social media to discover new foods and share food experiences.

However, as shown below from eMarketer, search engines are still slightly ahead of social media in top recipe sources – 78% turn to websites while 66% go to Pinterest.

Grocery Shopping Goes Digital image grocery emarketerGrocery Shopping Goes Digital

In The Online Grocery Opportunity report from Hartman Group, they note that “while food remains one of the last few remaining categories of consumer products to ‘go digital,’ there is growing evidence that several aspects of grocery shopping are trending to online.”

This means that the digital grocery experience will soon move past just initial product or recipe research into online ordering territory. Although only 18% of U.S. households are currently grocery shopping online, Nielson reports that digital shopping intentions specifically for food and beverage categories have increased by 44% in the past two years.

For those in the food and beverage industry, the increased web presence of grocery-focused shoppers opens many new opportunities. Forrester research shows that U.S. online sales of food and beverage products are expected to grow to $15.4 billion in 2013.

Grocery Shopping Goes Digital image grocery1Grocery Shopping Goes Digital

It isn’t just individual food and beverage brands that stand to benefit from new prospects online. The chart above demonstrates the digital future success of grocery stores, as based upon the online experience and shopping engagement. This takes into account factors such as coupons, ordering, delivery, in-store pick up and meal ideas.

As the integration of the Internet and grocery shopping continues to evolve, those within the food and beverage industry should get ahead now in order to reap the benefits in sales. Both search and social play a part in the food and beverage purchase path, so you need to ensure your site and profiles are correctly optimized.

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