Great Ways For Designers to Discover Fresh Content & Get Inspired

If you are a web designer and have time to spare it’ll be a great thing to do something useful like discovering new content. You can use this content for a number of things, like your blog or research. You can search for content that you need to share on your social networking platform which will get you more followers, or to just pass your time doing something worthwhile rather than doing nothing at all!  So what exactly can you do to build up fresh content? In this article we’ll examine some of the most common ways.

Make, Use Facebook, Twitter Lists

On Facebook and Twitter you can organize companies and people into lists based on categories. These categories can relate to anything. Like their content, interests, expertise and so on. In this way it becomes easy for you to concentrate on looking for specific content and not having to go through everything. For instance you can create a list for ‘design tips’ or ‘authoritative persons.’ You can have lists that are related to your local friends and sources, industry events, startups, social media info and so on. Then you can search and follow lists that are in the public domain by accessing Facebook Add List. You’ll find lists that have been created by your friends, or lists that feature them and lists related to your interests. You must use these lists; simply creating them doesn’t amount to much.

Create Google Alerts

Go to and create alerts for keywords of subjects that interest you. Put the precise phrase/word in quotes so you don’t get inappropriate results. For instance, use “Web Design Services” and not Web Design Services.

What’s Trending?

On a particular day, you can check out what the popular stories are on LinkedIn Today. Or you can check what the most popular trend on Twitter is. You can tweak your Twitter homepage trending settings so you can see what’s making news at the local, state, national world level, or amongst your followers and by interests. You can use peoples’ comments on these stories to get blogging/article ideas.

Follow People Who Influence Influencers

Identifying key influencers is a part of your marketing strategy. So why don’t you search for the people whom they follow and engage with every day. In this way you’ll get to know from whom the original content emanated. As you are following somebody new, they could follow you back and build your network while increasing your audience too.

Make Use of News Aggregators

As the web has a whole lot of content, make use of news aggregators to go through topical matters from the leading news sites. You can use Alltop or Popurls to customize your findings based on the topic / outlet. Alltop and Popurls also show you the stuff that’s trending on other well-known aggregators like and Digg and the leading news sites.

Continuous List of FAQs

Note down immediately any question that your friends, partners or customers may ask which relates to your field of expertise. Besides them, other people too may be seeking answers to those questions and so you will be giving out content that’s suits your targeted audience on a huge scale. Since people like lists, take the most frequently asked questions and make a post that lists out likely solutions.

Get Onto Pinterest

Join the popular business networking platform. It can be great fun besides being a tool to create content and curate it. Initiate a search for your key phrases, find some authoritative companies or people and get inspired — when you run out of ideas.

Crowdsource Ideas

Get your content ideas crowdsourced (for the uninitiated, crowdsourcing means making use of a huge online community to accomplish certain diverse tasks). Ask broad-based questions and collect the replies into a master list post and credit all the persons who provided answers. You will not only have a terrific bit of content; you will have taken on some persons who are keen to share the article with their social networking platforms for they are featured on it.

Use Social Media Analytics

By using social media analytics you’ll get to know what works best for your audience. Use SproutSocial, HubSpot, Simply Measured or any other tool to check out Facebook Insights and find out the posts that are getting more attention. Also check out Google Analytics to get all the details of your post. When you find the topics that they are most interested in, you’ll be able to get ideas how to find the best solutions.

Are you using any other specific way for searching content? Share it with us in the comments below.

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