Great BtoB Research: A Profile of the Modern Marketer

Great BtoB Research: A Profile of the Modern Marketer image btobrbaward lrgGreat BtoB Research: A Profile of the Modern MarketerEloqua recently sponsored a study trying to answer the question: who is the ideal marketer in the modern environment? The research was published in the latest issue of BtoB. Our goal is to summarize a few of the findings that we find most interesting.

Finding 1 – The ability to track marketing ROI with technology is the most critical change in the function of the modern marketer. 

BtoB asked marketers what changes have contributed most to the shaping of the modern marketer. More than 60% of marketers said the ability to track ROI is the biggest change inwhat is expected of coherent modern marketers. This is a dramatic change from past profiles of marketers.

This should frame how marketing executives hire, how companies think about their marketing efforts, and how agencies think about their product offerings.

For example, in the past, agencies have been able to conduct marketing campaigns without providing concrete data about the ROI of those campaigns.

This is no longer enough.

Agencies need to be able to prove to their clients that their marketing tactics are generating results. They need to be able to demonstrate that what they’re doing is effective.

Obviously we believe call tracking is a critical component of this quest for trackable ROI.

Finding 2 – The ideal modern marketer knows how to integrate social media into what they’re doing.

Social media marketing is infiltratring every aspect of marketing. Every marketing automation solution is integrating some sort of social engagement aspect. SMBs are worried about it. Enterprise-level companies have entire departments devoted to it.

Social media is the modern version of selling. It provides the way for companies to interact on a 1to1 level with prospects. This is the power of social media.

Finding 3 – The ability to engage well with prospects is important, and is becoming more important. 

This was among the most critical jobs of an ideal modern marketer. Marketing executives want someone that can comfortably speak to prospects.

Why? Isn’t that the job of sales, not marketing?

Not anymore. Because of the focus on social media engagement, and the 1to1 nature of those relationships, marketers have become de facto sales people.

In fact marketers are being asked, more often than ever, to be involved in the sales process, to interface openly with sales, and more importantly, to actually make sales themselves. The modern marketer can no longer be a creative designer that sits in a dark room.

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