Gordon Ramsay’s New Restaurant Opening Was Sabotaged

    By Brian Carey | Small Business

    Gordon Ramsays New Restaurant Opening Was Sabotaged image GordonRamsayGordon Ramsays New Restaurant Opening Was Sabotaged

    Gordon Ramsay, the perennially peevish celebrity chef, was the victim of culinary sabotage when his new restaurant opened two weeks ago.

    Ramsay’s new restaurant, Heddon Street Kitchen, opened to a staff eagerly awaiting an influx of hungry patrons, anxious to taste the master chef’s fine cuisine. However, most of the reservations were a no-show.

    That’s because most of the reservations were fake.

    “Saturday was our first big day,” said Ramsay.”We had 140 on the books and we had 100 [not] show.”

    Why? Well, according to Ramsay, one of his rivals got a little wily and decided to ruin the restaurateur’s opening night by booking reservations that weren’t real. That was made easy thanks to the advent of online reservation systems. The prankster didn’t even have to call the restaurant and reveal his/her voice.

    Clearly, someone isn’t happy that Ramsay is successful. That person is willing to do whatever it takes to make the cantankerous entrepreneur’s life a little more miserable.

    Ramsay claims that the effort to sabotage his opening night was a testament to his competitors’ “level of envy.” However, he offered no evidence that it was a competitor who was the culprit. He just suggested that it might have been done out of professional jealousy.

    It could also have been done by someone who came in last in Hell’s Kitchen.

    Ramsay now says that all bookings for the restaurant are going to be re-confirmed. Either that, or they will be “f-cking re-confirmed!!!”

    He also said that he had to encourage his staff after the disaster on opening night.

    “It’s bad spirit and you see the staff and they are down and frustrated, I was there to pick them up and make sure we stay focused,” he said.

    Gordon Ramsay, professional therapist.

    The restaurant is described as having a “relaxed, modern European menu” by the head chef Maria Tampakis. It’s billed as an ideal place for “brisk brunches and post-shopping pit stops through to lunch, dinners and after-work cocktails.”

    Gordon Ramsay is host of numerous television shows, including Kitchen Nightmares, which is soon coming to an end.

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