GOP candidates: Do small business owners really have a choice?


COMMENTARY | Seriously, as a small business owner, I have to wonder if my voice really matters. I fervently campaign that every voice must be heard for a true and real representation of the needs of our nation to be resolved and for every business and resident to prosper. What will make that happen? Conspiracy theorists will tell you that every candidate has sold out to the few purse string-holders of the world. I say that unless we make a choice so that all businesses and consumers benefit, conspiracies really won't matter - we will have conspired against our own success.

As I review the presidential candidates, I wonder who really has the well-being of the many rather than only the few as a priority. I know that the more secure we all feel and the more available cash that we have in our hands, the more likely we are to spend it. More does mean more. Vying with conglomerates like Wal-Mart, Microsoft, and Google for the same market dollar is somewhat daunting. As a small business owner, I am always seeking a level playing field so that the value of the end product has a chance to compete, not just the bedazzling marketing language.

So, looking at Republican candidates for president in 2012, either Romney or Gingrich will be the candidate to face President Obama next November. CNN's survey also makes the statement that Barack Obama is favored by eight out of 10 democrats for reelection. How is that going to impact my small business?

Obama has authored small business loans, tax credits, and tax breaks. Unemployment is still high. Actually, getting a bank to give you the money is much different from Obama telling the banks that they should. Tax credits and breaks do not balance the expense and responsibility that I take on as a business owner in today's economy. Yet, to seriously be able to grow and expand, I need a team that is enthusiastic about where we are headed. That means staff and employees. Well, I am hiring, slowly, as I feel secure that I can pay that person. I need a real stimulus package and a subsidized employment program to take on more employees before I can reach the steady income that warrants their hiring. I would really like to hear Obama's answer as to why he waited until the 12th hour to launch a $300 billion job creation program, rather than at the beginning of his term.
Romney and Gingrich agree to reducing the corporate tax rate, resolving regulations, applying a flat 15-percent tax, and getting rid of the thousands of pages-long Dodd-Frank Act that was devised to help businesses but is so unwieldy, says Gingrich, that it only confuses and suppresses each business owner's ability to run his or her own company. Most small businesses already are only taxed 15 percent because they are pass-through entities such as partnerships and farms.
These only serve as bandages. Small businesses, especially startups, need banks that feel confident about people putting more money in the bank before they are going to give any money away. Free trade is free to the people who have the money and the clout to reach the public, so Gingrich has me concerned about the direction he would go. Microsoft would love free trade.
Romney is affable and did well with Staples. Is he going to stand out there with Warren Buffett and tell the millionaires to step up to the plate and pay more taxes? That tax reform would help the economy overall, but the man who has authored the proposal is not running. Truly, Ross Perot and Warren Buffett as running mates would be my vote.

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