Google Releases Nexus 5 With Kit Kat Feature

    By Tasha Galloway | Small Business

    This past Thursday, Google released a new mobile operating system. It is candy themed and called Kit Kat or Android 4.4.The program will be on the new Nexus 5 phone and then will be added onto other Nexus devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One soon in the next few weeks.

    Google Releases Nexus 5 With Kit Kat Feature  image 512px Google wordmark.svg  300x106Google Releases Nexus 5 With Kit Kat Feature

    These days everyone is jumping on the new technology bandwagon and Google is no different. Google created the Nexus devices and added it onto its line of phones and tablets. The Nexus 5 is manufactured by LG. One of its main purposes is to work internationally and can work with any local SIM card which is really convenient. However, it is still not supported by Verizon. It is available in 10 countries online and available in retail stores.

    The Nexus 5 is an improvement from the pervious generation. It is 5 inches and thinner and lighter so it is aesthetically pleasing. It has a faster processor and a new and better camera feature that makes it possible to combine multiple exposures into a single photo.

    The new Kit Kat features deal with breaking down walls between web, search, apps, and communication tools. This is specifically useful for business. It can also pull data from the same kind of databases that powers Google Maps. With Kit Kat, a user can also see filers stored in a third-party cloud service as well as in files stored. This allows a user to organize things so that chats, video calls, and texts can all be viewed in one place.

    One of the reasons for Google to create Kit Kat was because it was its attempt to deal with one of the big problems with Android which is OS fragmentation. Android devices can have limited memories and spotty processors so this new feature can be marketed to unsatisfied users.

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