Google Redesigns Calendar App

    By Marv Dumon | Small Business

    Google Redesigns Calendar App image Google Calendar Mashable 600x524Google Redesigns Calendar App

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    Google has redesigned its Calendar app to make it more visually appealing for Android users.  The update was released this week on Google’s Play Store.  The new version lets mobile users add more color labels and a new date and time tool to keep their calendar organized.

    The color labels enable users to distinguish the types of events that are customizing on their calendar.  They now have more choices with 24 colors. Certain important dates can be highlighted in different colors to catch users’ attention and remind them of upcoming obligations, activities, and events.

    The new date and time tool lets users customize time zones and schedule events to be repeated on certain days, weeks, or months.  Individual action items, such as birthdays or corporate meetings, can be highlighted in contrasting colors.  Users can now set a certain event based on a certain time zone.

    Those who organize their schedules on laptops and pcs can of course opt for traditional calendar software, such as  Such software is designed to go beyond individuals and help organizations, communities, and associations to organize and manage their group events and activities.

    Google’s updated Calendar app is designed more for individuals checking their schedules on mobile.  It’s available to people using a device running Android 4.1 or above.  The UI improvements were first disclosed at the company’s I/O Conference in San Francisco.

    The new Google Calendar version is a lot more attractive and includes more options for the events that are set in the repeat mode.  It’s also consistent with mobile apps that use aesthetics as well as visual and functionality appeal as a means for increasing market share.  Call it the “Apple Effect”.

    As far as creating a great event listing, Jeffrey Wilcox of offers the following advice: “Getting people to your event is all about sparking their imagination because when potential attendees read your event posting, you want them to be envisioning themselves at that event.”

    He also advises people to be visual when they promote events to invitees.  “Creating a strong image is paramount for standing out from the crowd. If you already have a logo, this is a good starting point for choosing [colors]. If you don’t have a logo, consider what [colors], fonts and layouts will best convey your message.”

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