Google: It’s Much More Than Just Search

    By Ted Janusz | Small Business

    Do you use Google to search the Internet?

    If you are like most people, you do.  Google has 2/3rds of the search engine market. Over five billion searches are done each day on the site.

    But did you know that you can do so much more with Google?

    Here’s an example:  Recently I spoke on social media for attendees at a conference.  A video was shown to open the proceedings.  The producer of the video wanted to display the various locations of the company from around the world.  He could have just shown us still photography, which is typically done in these kinds of presentation.  But instead, though the video, he took us on a real-time tour through space.  From our imaginary space capsule, we traveled around the globe and then approached each location from the sky, zooming in to get a closer look at the actual property.  It was impressive!

    Did the producer employ the services of a digital animation studio to create this stunning and memorable video?  Did this production need to cost the conference organizers thousands of dollars?   No, the producer simply used a tool that you have free access to from Google called Google Earth.

    Why not take a virtual vacation before you make the actual trip?

    Google: Its Much More Than Just Search image GoogleGoogle: Its Much More Than Just Search

    To get to Google Earth, and to see the wealth of other tools that are available to you from Google, click here.

    When you go to this site, you will see that the tools are organized into eight categories:

    * Web
    * Mobile
    * Media
    * Geo
    * Specialized Search
    * Home & Office
    * Social
    * Innovation

    Let’s briefly discuss just eight of these tools here:


    The smartphone is becoming the new remote control of our lives.  To use Google from your mobile phone, just like you use Google from your laptop or desktop, click on the Mobile link to get started.


    Would you like to read, search or access book classics at no charge, right from your Internet browser?  You can also take a peek at current books and magazines, all by clicking on the Books link.

    Specialized Search

    Would you like to know any time you or your business is mentioned on the Web?  Would you like to keep track of your competition, your vendors or your key customers on the Internet?  Click on Alerts, then type your keywords.  Google will then send you an e-mail any time one or more of your keywords appear on the Web.   You determine when you would like to be notified.   (It’s like those old-fashioned clipping services that would send you articles of your choosing from newspapers and magazines, except this is for the Internet.)

    Home & Office

    Would you like to give everyone in the office access to the same documents at the same time?  Click on the Drive link.

    Let’s say you are in charge of the schedule for your son’s soccer team.  All of the other parents on the team can see when and where the games are scheduled by going to the Calendar application.  (Can save you a lot of phone calls!)

    Similarly, would you like to create a free Website for the soccer team?  Just click on the Sites link to get started.


    Continuing with the same example, would you like to create a blog about the team?  Just go to Blogger and you can get up and running within minutes.  (To find blogs on your favorite topics, click on Blog Search under Specialized Search).

    Google . . . it’s much more than just search.  And most of it is free!

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